What Does A Disability Lawyer Do To Help My Social Security Claim?

A disability lawyer offers a lot of legal expertise, hearing etiquette, and a professional network to your social security claim. The fact of the matter is that an experienced lawyer not only knows the claim process but he or she also interacts frequently with those weighing your claim. Therefore, a disability lawyer is likely to be able to expedite your case.

1. Review the questions you’ll be asked.

During the hearing, you will likely be questioned about your circumstances and your disability, whether physical or mental. These questions might range from tangible to hypothetical. We’ve provided a few examples below.

  • What treatments have you tried?
  • Do you take medicine and is it working for you?
  • Are you able to care for yourself? Personal hygiene? Shopping? Cooking?
  • What’s your highest educational degree?
  • Can you walk a street block?

2. Argue for your social security claim.

A disability lawyer supports your claim for social security insurance through a couple of different options. He or she must develop a theory for why you and your disability are eligible for SSDI. This means choosing to support your case with one of the following options.

  • disability “listing”
  • “less than sedentary” exertion level
  • SSA’s grid

Briefly, each of these areas outline disability requirements that ensure individuals matching those standards receive SSDI.

Disability Listing

The Social Security Administration has developed a list of disabilities that automatically qualify for SSDI. Your disability lawyer will compare your medical evidence alongside the list of disabilities to see if you qualify for SSDI through the list.

Less than Sedentary

Your disability lawyer will try to prove that you are not capable of doing even a sit-down job. In these cases, the lawyer will need evidence of your inability to sit for longer than a certain amount of time and your inability to do any type of lifting. Your lawyer will try to prove with hypothetical questions that your disability’s limitations will keep you from a sitting job.

SSA’s Grid

The disability grid, developed by SSA, measures an individual’s ability to work based on age, exertion level, and educational level. Usually, this system works best for older applicants with a very low exertion level ability. Your disability lawyer will support your case with statements from your doctor.

3. Develops your medical evidence.

When you hire a disability lawyer, you must be willing to sign a medical privacy release form, allowing your lawyer access to all your medical records. He or she will contact your physicians to request the necessary paperwork. Also, your lawyer may seek a statement from your doctors about your disability.

As part of the medical evidence, you may be need to submit to additional examinations. The SSA demands particular information and your lawyer will want to ensure that you have it.

Moreover, your disability lawyer understands what medical evidence is helpful or not to your case.


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