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Cranberry Township: The Department of Labor

The DOL Cranberry office focuses specifically on mine safety and health administration, upholding one DOL strategy of safety and health for all employees.

As a whole, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) offers certain protections to employees, regardless of employment status, whether seeking or retiring. Moreover, every office strives to provide job-related benefits, maximize profits, and enhance work environment. As a result, the DOL offices investigate work complaints and educate work places on the DOL law.

If you think your employment rights been violated, talk to a lawyer because a lawyer knows your legal options.

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What Does The Department of Labor Do?

First of all, the Department of Labor creates the standards by which workers are treated throughout the United States. Not only does the DOL set legal practices for the workforce, but the DOL also oversees the investigation of complaints and the education of employers and employees. Of course, the DOL functions with the help of a network of agencies, administrations, and boards that manage assigned responsibilities, supporting the mission of the DOL.

Consequently, with over twenty-five such boards, each group heads up a category of employee rights. We list a few below.

Of course, if you suspect a violation of any labor laws, contact us because we want to fight for your rights.

How To Submit A Cranberry DOL Complaint

One of the main responsibilities of the Department of Labor is investigating filed complaints. While the filing process itself is straightforward, other legal factors entangle the process. However, following these set procedures for filing will help your case.

1. Categorize your complaint.

Due to the size of the Department of Labor, employment injustices are handled by different boards within the department. Therefore, you categorize where your complaint belongs. Here are a few examples.

Does your complaint deal with wages or working hours? Then, your complaint likely belongs with the Wage and Hour Division.

Has your safety or health been jeopardized at work? As a result, your complaint falls under the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

2. Research the complaint process.

Almost every DOL branch processes complaints similarly. Of course, double check the requirements of that particular agency to ensure that your complaint fits the right parameters. Also, be sure to gather evidence for your complaint.

3. Watch the deadline.

Sometimes your deadline for filing will only be 30 days; therefore, if you plan to file a complaint, move quickly.

4. File your complaint.

Due to the internet, filing a complaint has never been so easy. You can now file in person, online, or mail. However, be sure to check with your office to ensure that your favored option is available. Moreover, you may want to consult with a lawyer about the process because a lawyer can offer valuable advice in pursuing your rights.

5. Waiting for the results.

After filing your complaint, you enter the waiting stage. While the DOL reviews your complaint, this might be a good time to consult with a lawyer about your legal options.

6. Receiving the DOL decision.

Since the DOL cannot pursue every complaint to the full extent of the law, be prepared to receive notice that your complaint is not a case. However, you may still pursue your rights under the law with an attorney.


If your employee rights have been violated, contact a lawyer because a lawyer navigates the DOL and your rights under the law.
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