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EEOC King of Prussia

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission advocates for employment equality throughout the United States and fights against employment discrimination for employees.

Due to the size of the United States, the EEOC created an umbrella of offices to supervise education and complaint investigation for specific regions, districts, and areas. The EEOC King of Prussia area, as an edge city of Philadelphia, falls under the jurisdiction of the Philadelphia EEOC district office, which oversees Pennsylvania and other states.

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Filing An EEOC King of Prussia Complaint

If you want to file a complaint in person, the EEOC Philadelphia district office is the nearest office to King of Prussia. First, call ahead to ensure that the office has the availability to file your complaint and interview you. The EEOC Philadelphia district office website assures that walk-ins are welcome from Monday to Thursday, at 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Consequently, arriving before 10 am is advised.

Regardless of whether your circumstances meet the EEOC requirements, the Philadelphia EEOC office tries to provide the best advice to you for your situation.

Finally, choosing to contact a lawyer before you file with the EEOC may help you evaluate whether the EEOC is your best option. Moreover, a lawyer actually can do each of these steps and more for you.

When Do I File A Complaint?

First of all, immediately investigate the options available to you if you’ve experienced employment discrimination. Next, reach out to an employment lawyer because a lawyer knows where your situation falls under the law and what next steps are available to you. A lawyer can handle your filing and case for you. After all, most legal systems have deadlines in place, and you don’t want to miss filing a complaint about a valid case of discrimination.

Requirements for Filing an EEOC King of Prussia Complaint

The EEOC requires timeliness in filed complaints. While the federal deadline may seem short, the EEOC provides 180 days for filing a discrimination complaint. However, Pennsylvania passed a few state laws that lengthen the filing time for specific types of discrimination.

Pennsylvania State Law Time Extensions

15+ Employees:

In Pennsylvania, the state law extends the length of time that a complaint may be filed to 300 days in discrimination situations due to racecolororientationsexreligion, or disability.

20+ Employees:

Pennsylvania increases complaint filing time for age discrimination to 300 days of the alleged incident.

Four Steps For Filing A Complaint

After experiencing discrimination, you may desire to file an EEOC complaint with the Philadelphia office because you recognize that the discriminatory action was unlawful. Filing a complaint is not hard. Consequently, here’s a quick overview of what filing a complaint looks like.

1. Check ahead, either by calling EEOC or contacting a lawyer, to ensure the EEOC covers your situation. Also, is your situation within the EEOC deadlines for filing a complaint?

2. Next, if visiting the office, be available for two or more hours.

3. Be prepared to answer questions and offer evidence for your complaint during the interview.

4. Finally, be sure to have the right information on hand.

  • your name, address, and telephone number
  • the company name, address, and phone number that you are filing a complaint about
  • discrimination description
  • evidence of discrimination
  • witness information
  • discrimination events and dates

Depending on whether or not the EEOC further investigates, here’s what happens after you file an EEOC complaint.

If you have experienced employment discrimination, contact an EEOC King of Prussia employment lawyer because a lawyer knows your options under the law.

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