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Cranberry Unemployment Attorney

A Cranberry unemployment attorney represents employees who have, for one reason or another, not received unemployment compensation. Due to uncontrollable reasons or wrongful termination, employees sometimes lose their unemployment compensation. An unemployment lawyer examines your situation to see if you may be, in fact, eligible.

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Five Reasons To Hire A Cranberry Unemployment Attorney

A Cranberry unemployment attorney offers certain benefits between the law expertise and case experience. While you may know the law, your case may benefit from objective representation. Furthermore, having someone to speak on your behalf lightens the load of fighting for your rights.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Cranberry unemployment attorney analyzes your circumstances and makes the calls for how to fight for your unemployment compensation. Although difficult to gain unemployment benefits if you’ve been terminated or quit, it’s not altogether impossible. However, your lawyer knows how to prove why you should be receiving unemployment compensation.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Cranberry unemployment attorney perceives when an employer violates your rights. Furthermore, a lawyer recognizes when an employer is participating in retaliation due to your legal requests. Since discrimination is against the law, file a complaint for discrimination. Consequently, an unemployment lawyer helps you navigate the legal process.

3. Unemployment benefits were wrongly denied.

A Cranberry unemployment attorney helps you to prepare your documentation and file a complaint. Your lawyer focuses on equipping you for your unemployment hearing, practicing the questions you may be asked. Furthermore, your lawyer adds credibility to your situation.

4. The hearing process is not new to an unemployment attorney.

A Cranberry unemployment attorney knows the hearing process backwards and forwards. While you may have never dealt with a hearing before, your lawyer navigates them on a routine basis. Therefore, your lawyer ensures that you are prepared for every step of the process.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Cranberry unemployment attorney not only knows the law but he or she interacts with the law on a daily basis. As a result, your lawyer understand the best way to present your case to the lawyer assigned to decide the outcome of your hearing. Due to the nature of the law, your case benefits from the insight and guidance of a lawyer.

What Is The Filing Process For Unemployment Compensation?

The filing process for unemployment compensation is a simple one after you wade through the feelings of frustration over your job termination. While your situation may be disheartening, unemployment compensation offers you stability while you search for your next job. We share the quick steps for applying for unemployment compensation.

1. Determine your eligibility for PA unemployment compensation.
2. Apply for unemployment benefits online.
3. Receive your Notice of Determination.
4. If your benefits are denied, appeal the determination.
5. Assigned a date for an UC Referee Hearing.
6. Keep appealing if your benefits are denied.

Another benefit of the unemployment compensation process is the ability to continue to appeal a decision made in the hearing that you disagree with. After appealing the decision of the UC referee, your case moves to the Board of Review, and if you want an additional appeal, your case transfers to the Commonwealth Court. Although you can appeal many times over, the Commonwealth Court’s decision is final.

Meanwhile, stay aware of the time limits for filing appeals. Also, new evidence cannot be added to your case. Therefore, plan to include all relevant information upon your first filing.


If your unemployment compensation has been denied, contact a Cranberry unemployment lawyer who will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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