What Is The Employment And Training Administration?

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) oversees a number of facets dealing with employment training. Namely, the ETA administers job training and worker dislocation programs to the state for employment programs and unemployment insurance benefits. However, the state and local systems provide these services.

The main role of ETA is to provide job training programs by distributing funds that help American workers to receive employment training, whether first-time workers or transition job holders. Meanwhile, ETA branches out into a couple of offices to carry out its goal of supporting American workers.

What Is The Employment And Training Administration?

ETA Branches

Policy Development and Research

ETA’s vision for the workforce of the United States is structured by the Policy Development and Research, which suggests legislative options for policy initiatives and standards for ETA.

Division of Policy, Legislation and Regulations (DPLR)

This division recommends alterations to already existing policies and legislation for the workforce investment system programs. Meanwhile, DPLR coordinates the development of programs along with producing research and evaluation reports.

Division of Research and Evaluations

This division launches pilot projects and researches experiments for acquiring knowledge on employment and training. This program oversees the gathering of research on all areas of employment.

Workforce Investment

This office orchestrates many programs that help workers who are seeking job training. The Division of Adult Services and the Division of Youth Services meet the needs of seasoned job holders to new workers with programs that offer job training and work placement options. Meanwhile, the Business Relations Group works with employers to connect businesses with qualified individuals, using Partnerships for Jobs and the High Growth Job Training Initiative.

Office of Foreign Labor Certification

This office works with businesses to import skilled individuals from other countries with work visas. Although the Office of Foreign Labor Certification does not issue visas, this office provides information to businesses for the certification process.

Office of Workforce Security

The Office of Workforce Security distributes information about the workforce, including knowledge on performance management, historical legislation, and unemployment insurance operations.

Office of National Response

This office is split into three different types of operations that deal with any type of job-loss periods within the country. Through the National Emergency Grants, the Office of National Response gives funds to states dealing with recessions, natural disasters, or military base closure. The Office of Rapid Response, a division of the National Response, sends teams to educate and organize employers and unions who are dealing with recessions. Finally, the Division of Trade Adjustment helps employees who have lost jobs because the company has moved operations outside of the USA.

Office of Apprenticeship

ETA’s Office of Apprenticeship endeavors to offer programs and information to individuals who desire to have on-the-job training.

Office of Outreach

The goal of this office is to offer informative materials and workforce knowledge to education communities, media, businesses, and citizens. Meanwhile, this office organizes local and national ETA outreach programs.

What Programs Does ETA Cover?

  • Career Advancement Accounts
  • Community-Based Job Training Grants
  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance
  • Federal Bonding Program
  • Foreign Labor Certification
  • High Growth Job Training Grants
  • Job Training Programs
  • National Emergency Grants
  • One-Stop Career Centers
  • Occupational Information Network (Holland Codes)
  • Registered Apprenticeship
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Wagner-Peyser Act Programs
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Employment and Training Administration equips and trains workers throughout the United States for transitioning to new jobs or joining the workforce for the first time. The ETA supplies all your needs for research on employment and training programs available to you.

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