Unpaid intern attorney advocate says I am entitled to wages.

unpaid intern Are you an unpaid intern who should have been paid? Don't hesitate to contact an unpaid intern attorney.

Are you an unpaid intern who should have been paid? Don’t hesitate to contact an unpaid intern attorney.

Unpaid Intern Attorney Advocate

I’m an unpaid intern. Aren’t I legally entitled to wages?

The unfortunate reality is that many interns are receiving no compensation for their time spent in internship positions despite their right to wages under federal and state laws. An unpaid intern attorney will tell you that many unpaid internships are not lawful. If you believe you are an exploited intern, consider the following criteria used by the Department of Labor to determine whether you are entitled to wages. Exploited interns are encouraged to contact an unpaid intern attorney at KM&A right away. Our consultations are always free.

In a true and lawful unpaid internship:

  • An intern’s experience is very similar to training he or she could obtain in an educational environment;
  • The internship benefits the intern;
  • The internship does not displace any other employees;
  • The employer does not derive any immediate advantage and his or her operations may actually be impeded on occasion;
  • The intern is not necessarily guaranteed a job at the conclusion of his or her internship;
  • Both employer and intern understand that the position is unpaid.

Unpaid internships must meet all the criteria listed above in order to be legal. Many unpaid internships actually violate state and federal wage laws. Look out for warning signs of an illegal unpaid internship. An unpaid intern attorney will know if an employer violated your rights to wages under laws such as Pennsylvania’s Wage Payment and Collection Law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Did an employer fail to compensate you properly? If so, you are encouraged to contact an unpaid intern attorney right away. An unpaid intern attorney can help you recover all wages and damages you are entitled to under the law. Be sure to get the legal representation you deserve.

Contact an Unpaid Intern Attorney

The attorneys at Kraemer, Manes & Associates are dedicated client advocates who will carefully consider your case and take all steps necessary to resolve your legal issue. We pride ourselves on being extremely accessible. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free and immediate consultation with an unpaid intern attorney.

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