How do I know if I need an Attorney?

There are many individuals who come into situations where they may need an attorney. However, many individuals simply don’t know how to determine if they need an attorney for their problem. In many cases, the individual will be not want to go through the hassle of researching their problem so they forget about it when they could have been awarded a large amount of damages. There are a few easy tools an individual can use to determine if their situation warrants the help of an attorney.

Lawyer Referral Service

If the individual lives in Allegheny County, they could use the help of the Allegheny County Bar Association (“ACBA”). The ACBA offers what is known as the Lawyer Referral Service. The ACBA Lawyer Referral Service can help remove the uncertainty of whether or not you need an attorney. Go to the ACBA website and fill out the requisite form and you will be on your way to determining if you need an attorney for your situation. When filling out the referral form, you will be asked what area of law your problem falls under. For example, if you have a dispute with your landlord, your problem would fall under Landlord/Tenant Law.

Once you fill out referral requisite form, the ACBA does an extensive screening in order to pair you with an experienced attorney who specializes in the type of law that corresponds to your situation. For example, if your problem falls under Landlord/Tenant Law, you will be paired with an attorney who specializes in that area of law. Once you receive that attorney’s name and contact information, you can call them.

As part of the Lawyer Referral Service, you will receive a 30-minute consultation with the attorney you have been paired with. The attorney can answer all of your questions to help you determine whether or not you need legal representation. If you happen to need legal representation, you can choose to hire the attorney you have been paired with. You can also choose to find your own attorney. However, at least you know that you need an attorney after having the 30-minute consultation.


Avvo is an online database where you can search for various attorneys in your area. Part of Avvo’s services is that it provides a forum where you can post your legal question for experienced attorneys to answer. All you have to do is post your question online and then hundreds of attorneys view your question and post their responses based on their legal expertise. This service is 100% free and gives you the opportunity to have hundreds of attorneys give you advice as to whether you have a legal situation and whether you require the assistance of an attorney.

Once you determine whether you need an attorney, Avvo is a great site to research different attorneys. Avvo posts thousands of attorney profiles for your viewing. You can find the attorney that you want and contact them for your legal needs.
These are just a few forums you can use to determine whether or not you need an attorney but they are a great starting point for any individual.