KM&A Files Federal Defamation Lawsuit Against Karen Marsich


February 25, 2016

Kraemer, Manes & Associates, LLC “KM&A” has filed a defamation complaint on behalf of David Yurkovich against Karen Marsich in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Marsich resides in Washington County, and Mr. Yurkovich lives in Virginia.

The complaint alleges that Mrs. Marsich defamed Mr. Yurkovich, by publicly accusing Mr. Yurkovich of murder and theft. Mr. Yurkovich maintains in his complaint that his former fiancée, Kelly Marsich committed suicide on February 18, 2015. The complaint also alleges that the suicide was in fact video-recorded, and the relevant authorities also concluded that Ms. Marsich’s death was suicide.

In the aftermath of Ms. Marsich’s suicide, Mr. Yurkovich alleges that he has been subject to harassment and defamation at the hands of Mrs. Marsich. Included in the complaint are a number of people who now believe Mr. Yurkovich is a murderer and thief, because of Mrs. Marsich’s malicious false statements about Mr. Yurkovich.

The full text of this Complaint as filed will be available as soon as it is assigned to a federal judge in Pittsburgh.

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For more information about this case, contact Mr. Yurkovich’s lead attorney, Martell Harris at 412.626.5585 or via email at