How to Properly Handle your Unemployment Hearing

man and women bent over paperworkSo you applied for unemployment benefits, but you were initially denied. Now you have to appeal and go to a hearing in order to win your benefits. There are some basic things that a claimant will need to do in order to preserve their right to a hearing and have a chance to win at the hearing.

How to Properly Handle your Unemployment Hearing

Below is a list of tips that any claimant should heed in order to come to their hearing prepared and to secure a chance at receiving UC benefits.

1. Respond to the Unemployment Center’s Notices

Nearly every notice that you receive from the Unemployment Center will have a deadline on it that you must respond by. These dates are extremely important. If you allow these dates to lapse you may lose your right to appeal or make it even more difficult to win your hearing. The Unemployment Center often allows for responses via letter, email or fax. Always respond before the deadline.

2. Hire an Attorney

Arriving to the hearing with an attorney gives you a distinct advantage. If you show up with an attorney and the other side does not have one, your chances of success rise substantially. Should you discover that the opposing party plans to attend the hearing with an unemployment hearing lawyer, you should immediately get yourself a lawyer to help even the playing field. Here are three reasons you want an unemployment hearing lawyer.

3. Prepare Your Argument

Read the reasons given for your UC benefits denial and prepare a counter argument by bringing all possible evidence to the hearing. This includes all relevant documents, copies of emails, text messages, or whatever you believe will be helpful to your case. A few hours of preparation can be the difference between winning or losing your unemployment benefits.

4. Attend the Hearing

Showing up is half the battle and this is especially true for unemployment hearings. It is not uncommon for an employer not to arrive at the hearing. If one party shows up and the other one does not, the hearing referee is going to be inclined to find in favor of the party who actually came to the hearing. Give yourself a chance and show up to the hearing.


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