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Pittsburgh Disability Lawyers

Pittsburgh disability lawyers represent individuals who plan to file or have already filed for a disability claim. Although most claims are usually dismissed, a disability attorney knows what steps to take to win you Social Security benefits for your disability or to negotiate reasonable accommodation from your employer.

If you have experienced disability discrimination or plan to claim Social Security disability benefits, contact us for answers to your questions.

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What Does A Pittsburgh Disability Attorney Do?

Basically, a Pittsburgh disability lawyer represents you. If you have a disability that keeps you from working and you cannot hold any job, a Pittsburgh disability attorney knows what criteria you need to meet to qualify for Social Security Insurance. He or she can walk you through the filing process and help you if your claim is dismissed.

Three Ways Pittsburgh Disability Lawyers Can Help You

Gather Medical Records

Your disability attorney requires access to your private medical records to build evidence of your disability. You will be asked to sign a limited medical release form. From there, your lawyer contacts your doctors and gathers your medical records for this case. A disability lawyer may even be able to receive a statement from the doctor supporting your case for disability.

Navigate the Hearing Process

Your disability lawyer interacts with the hearing process frequently. Not only will he or she prepare you for your part in the hearing, but your lawyer recognizes what arguments will be most effective for winning your case.

Handle Bad Facts and the Vocational Expert

Your disability attorney realizes when your medical facts may cause your case problems. He or she knows how to use those facts to your advantage. Meanwhile, during the hearing, a vocational expert may be present to argue for why you are capable of working despite your disability. Your disability attorney counters those arguments and examines the vocational expert, trying to further build your case.

What Is Work Disability?

Simply, two types of work disabilities inhabit workplace law. However, the range of these disabilities is not only large but also wide making it difficult to categorize any disability. And yet, we’ve developed two specific categories of work disabilities: disabled and job-capable or disabled and job-incapable.

Work Disability But Employed

The first category of work disability outlines the spectrum of less severe disability. Unsurprisingly, two specific laws, ADA and PHRA, protect the rights of individuals who are disabled but still employed. Naturally, these laws work hard to define a work disability as clearly as possible.

Work Disability defined by ADA and PHRA.

A work disability is a physical or mental impairment that limits daily life activities without the aid of medication or wheelchairs. Also, these laws provide for employees with a history of disability or of being perceived as disabled by their employer.

If you are disabled according to this definition of work disability, then you are protected from employment discrimination and your employer should offer workplace accommodation if you need it.

Work Disability But Unemployable

The second category of work disability covers the disabilities that completely incapacitates an individual’s ability to work. No type of employment is possible. Clearly, claims to this type of work disability are investigated carefully. The Social Security Administration (SSA) ensures that individuals receiving SSA benefits are eligible according to their specific standards.

Work Disability defined by SSA.

Work disability is severe physical or mental impairment that results in marked limitations, preventing an individual from gainful employment, and is expected to last long-term, potentially concluding in death. What is a qualifying disability for social security disability purposes?

If you are disabled according to this definition of work disability, then you may be eligible for SSA benefits.

How Will A Pittsburgh Disability Lawyer Prepare Me For The Hearing?

1. Your disability lawyer talks you through the hearing process. Unlike you, your lawyer specializes in law and comprehends the ins and outs of the hearing.

2. Practice answering questions. Your disability attorney prepares you with a possible list of questions that might be directed to you during the hearing.

3. To witness or not to witness. Although you are permitted to have witnesses, sometimes this might not help your case. Your disability lawyer knows when to bring a witness or not.

4. Require more health examinations. Sometimes your disability attorney considers it important to have you examined further by a health professional to ascertain if you meet certain SSA listings of work disability.


Having a local disability lawyer on your side can expedite your claim. Pittsburgh disability lawyers not only love the city of Pittsburgh but also respect those individuals who work in and around the city. Moreover, the Pittsburgh disability lawyers understand that work disabilities come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Better yet, disabilities attorneys leverage the correct laws on your behalf.

If you have a work disability and want to know which laws protect your rights, contact a lawyer who will know the intricacies of these laws.

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