Pittsburgh Discrimination Lawyers

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Pittsburgh Discrimination Lawyers

Pittsburgh discrimination lawyers represent individuals who have experienced any type of discrimination, whether harassment or bullying, in the workplace.

Our personal mission is to give voice and representation to those who have suffered the loss of dignity and pride through humiliating actions of discrimination in the workplace.

If you have experienced workplace discrimination, contact us for answers to your questions and to develop a plan for legal action.

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What Does A Pittsburgh Discrimination Attorney Do?

A Pittsburgh discrimination attorney advocates on behalf of you and your discrimination complaint, not only during the filing process but during investigation, mediation, and possible court case. Don’t go it alone. After all, a Pittsburgh discrimination lawyer recognizes the steps needed to win your case.

Offers Legal Counsel

When you’ve experience discrimination of any type, it’s likely that you’ll have many different reactions and emotions during this time. Although it may seem easier to ignore the discrimination, seek out legal counsel and hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will advocate for you.

Meets Deadlines

The government has created specific standards for filing a discrimination complaint. Along with these standards, there are specific time limits for filing. Your discrimination lawyer will keep your case within the time limits and move it forward.

Specializes In Your Discrimination Claim

With so many areas of discrimination in a workplace, a discrimination lawyer has active knowledge about winning discrimination cases. He or she understands the laws that protect the rights of workers and provides for discrimination cases. A discrimination attorney recognizes evidence and information that will support your claim.

Navigates The Entire Process

Hiring a discrimination attorney from day 1 of your discrimination claim can make a big difference if and when your case is taken to court. Naturally, a discrimination attorney understands what information is crucial in filing a claim. And more importantly, he or she knows how that crucial information can be used later on in the legal process.

What Are Common Areas Of Discrimination?

Unfortunately, discrimination is a reality and a buzzword in our society. Moreover, discrimination is often overlooked because we are desensitized to what is and what is not appropriate in the workplace. Stand up for your rights.


If you have experienced any type of discrimination, contact a Pittsburgh discrimination lawyer who will know the intricacies of these laws.
Don’t hesitate, talk to a Pittsburgh discrimination attorney: (412) 626-5626 or lawyer@lawkm.com


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