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Greensburg Labor Attorney

A Greensburg labor attorney mediates disputes and negotiations between employers, employees, and labor unions. A lawyer can represent any one of these groups. Meanwhile, a labor union’s sole purpose is to serve its members, who are from specific industries such as teaching or bus driving.

Contact a lawyer because a lawyer prioritizes your needs in a legal dispute or negotiation.

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What is Labor Law?

During the Industrial Revolution, factory jobs dominated the job market, but these jobs offered employees low pay coupled with long hours. The tension and discomfort of these realities exploded into factory worker strikes. In response to these strikes, the government established the Labor Law to govern the relationship between employers, employees, and unions through Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law.

Individual Labor Law

Individual Labor Law extends certain protections to the individual worker, regardless of an “at-will” employee or a contractual employee. While an “at-will” employee exercises the right to job termination at any time, a contractual employee receives the burden of finishing the contract. Individual Labor Law secures the rights of every employee, but of course, rights may differ according to employee type.

Individual labor law offers these protections and more for employees.

• Minimum wage and hours
• Health and Safety
• Workplace discrimination
• Child labor laws

Collective Labor Law

Collective Labor Law protects employment rights by watching the interaction between employers, labor unions, and employees. Moreover, while labor unions champion the rights of union members, Collective Labor Law monitors what a union can and cannot do. Collective Labor Law regulates how the below situations are handled.

• Trade unions
• Collective bargaining
• strikes

Why Hire A Greensburg Labor Attorney?

A Greensburg labor attorney provides an objective perspective to your situation and advocates on your behalf through legal knowledge. Moreover, a lawyer contributes further credibility to your case by advocating on your behalf throughout a negotiation. No matter whether you are an employer or an employee, a lawyer provides insightful and experienced advice.

For The Employer: Consult A Greensburg Labor Attorney

A Greensburg labor attorney analyzes your business structure and assets to check that you are in compliance with the law. Since over a hundred labor laws exist, businesses often struggle to work within the parameters of all of these laws. A lawyer also provides protections from liability issues, lawsuits, and employee problems. 

Consult a Greensburg labor lawyer before any of the below issues threaten the core of your business because a lawyer knows what safeguards to take for the protection of your company.

• Strike talk
• Union worker being fired
• Lawsuit threat
unlawful overtime
harmful work conditions

For The Employee: Consult A Greensburg Labor Attorney

A Greensburg labor attorney evaluates your situation and presents you with your legal options. Meanwhile, a lawyer advocates on behalf of your needs and leads you through the legal system. Since a lawyer adds credibility to your case, this further strengthens your standing in a negotiation or dispute.

Speak with a Greensburg labor attorney if the following employment problems become a reality because a lawyer knows the best legal steps for you to take.

• Negotiating strike terms
• Planning to file a lawsuit
• Wrongful terminated
• filing a Retaliation complaint

If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Greensburg labor lawyer because a lawyer offers actionable legal solutions.

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