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Contingency Lawyer

A contingency lawyer makes excellent legal representation available to everyone through a contingency payment plan, meaning that payment comes upon the successful outcome of the case. Upfront, the client pays nothing. Contingency lawyers provide a service to individuals who might have suffered a severe injustice but are unable to afford the best litigation to fight for their rights under the law.

Contact a contingency lawyer today if your rights have been violated and you have evidence that the law was broken.

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Common Cases for Contingency Fees

A case on contingency fee means that legal representation is available to a client who might not be able to afford legal help. A contingency payment plan is often preferable when greater risk is involved for the client. However, a lawyer often chooses to select cases that have a good chance of winning since a winning case means settlement of damages for the client and payment for the contingency lawyer.

Contingency lawyers are only permitted to take certain types of cases on contingency. Almost all cases can be eligible for the contingency fee. However, the government also prohibits contingency cases in a few specific areas.

Common Areas for Contingency Cases

Personal Injury

Civil litigation for personal injury can cover many different types of injury, including transportation accidents, dog bites, and slip and fall accidents.


When a client desires money damages for experiencing discrimination, a lawyer can take the case on contingency. This category includes discrimination on the basis of religion, age, gender, disability, or race in dealing with housing, employment, education, and government assisted programs.

Property Damage

This type of case involves the injury of real or personal property, whether through negligence, intentional destruction, or nature. Property damage is viewed as separate from personal injury, but it includes harm to the home, car, tree, or another possession.

Consumer Law

The government provides certain protections for the consumer, ensuring that manufacturers don’t take advantage of customers and also follow through on warranties.

Consumer Fraud – the intentional use of deceptive advertisements and misrepresentation in consumer products and services

Lemon Laws – the protection of consumers from new vehicles that remain defective despite repeated repairs


Ruining the reputation of a person by making false statements about someone, whether slander or libel.

Slander – oral or spoken defamation

Libel – written or broadcast defamation

Class Action

A group of people have a common grievance and desire to take legal action to right an ongoing problem such as race or gender discrimination.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence or misconduct during a medical procedure, whether wrongful actions or simple omissions, is considered a medical malpractice.

Toxic Torts

The appearance of toxic substances causing personal injury or property damage are considered toxic torts. Examples include Asbestos, mold, and lead poisoning.

No Contingency Fees for these Types of Cases

Family Law

Any type of case that deals with domestic relations, such as alimony, property settlement, divorces, or child support, cannot be taken on a contingency fee plan.

Criminal Law

Any type of case that includes felonies or misconducts, which can result in violations or life sentences cannot be taken on a contingency payment plan.

How Does a Contingency Lawyer Choose a Case?

Despite the law’s stance on equality, not all lawyers are created equal. When you have suffered an injustice, you need the best contingency attorney, not just any contingency attorney. Of course, in contingency payment plan cases, the lawyer chooses you as much as you choose them.

Although a lawyer weighs many different factors when considering your case, here are a few ways to test your own case.

1. Does your case have enough evidence of wrong doing?

The best lawyer considers the chances of winning a case and winning the monetary damages for the law violation. A number of factors weigh in, but proof of wrong doing will help build a stronger case.

2. Who are you suing?

A contingency payment plan rests on the payout after winning the case. Both you and your lawyer will reap the benefits of suing someone who has the money to pay for the damages.

3. Are you in it for the long run?

The law requires time and patience. When you enter into an agreement with a lawyer for your contingency fee case, your case might be in process for a couple of years.


Contingency lawyers fight against legal injustices and champion the rights of every American. If your case fits the above criteria, reach out to a contingency lawyer to be considered for a contingency fee.

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