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Business Advice and Counsel

Every small business needs a small businesses attorney for advice and counsel. The business law attorneys at KM&A are the trusted legal advisers for companies across Western Pennsylvania. We learn about our clients’ operations so we can understand issues unique to each business as well as potential problems lurking under the surface.

A business lawyer is equipped to handle any aspect of your business, whether dealing with forming a new business or managing a growing business. Your business shouldn’t be handled by any lawyer. You want a lawyer who will value your business as you do, challenging you to make your business better than ever.

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5 Ways a Business Lawyer Guides a Business

A lawyer is a powerful asset for determining the right business advice and counsel you may need for your small business. If your business has a weak spot in a legal capacity, a lawyer can help determine what steps to take to fix the issue. Lawyers can analyze your company, check your employment practices, study client interactions, guide claim evaluations, and offer business advice.

Business Check-up

Smart business owners periodically use an attorney to “check up” on their legal issues, even when there aren’t any apparent pressing issues at the time. Just as trained doctors use expert eyes and diagnostic tools to detect problems, an experienced legal team spots lurking issues so they can be preemptively addressed. Undiagnosed legal issues, such as potential lawsuits, can infect other areas of operations to the point where they threaten the life of the business itself.

Employment Practices

For most small businesses, employment practices present the biggest risk of dangerous litigation. Every day, small businesses go bankrupt defending lawsuits brought by upset employees. The most common potential claims include:

  • FLSA violations
  • FMLA violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age, disability, race, and sex discrimination

In addition to these very common claims, employers need to be aware of a large number of other possible claims. Make sure that you have an experienced business attorney advise you regarding these pitfalls, especially before you take action against any employees who may fall into a protected class under state or federal law.

Customer and Client Issues

When your business has an issue with a customer or client, whether a payment problem or something else, it needs to be handled carefully in order to protect your legal interests and your business reputation. In addition to potential lawsuits, disgruntled customers can ruin a company’s reputation.

We help businesses stand up for themselves in a respectful but firm manner. We act quickly and resolve disputes early.

Claim Evaluation

Whenever a claim is asserted against a business–whether it is by a customer, vendor, or employee–the decision makers need to know how to proceed. Should the business fight the claim, report it to an insurer, or try to negotiate a settlement? The experienced business attorneys at KM&A can help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any claims that are asserted against you and can guide you toward the most effective reaction strategy.

Business Advice

We want to be more than just legal counsel for our business clients. We want to be a trusted source of counsel for other matters as well. In addition to providing legal advice, we help our clients get off the ground with financial, accounting, tax, insurance, and marketing strategies to help make their businesses successful. We also work closely with a network of professionals who specialize in working with small business owners and the unique issues they face each day.

Most small businesses, at one time or another are likely to have problems with their customers. One frequent issue is not being paid by the customers for the service or product that you provided.

If you are a small business owner that sells products then you need a good Sales Contract. The Sales Contract will lay out the price, terms and conditions for the sales of goods, equipment and a host of other products.

A million laws, a billion laws and a large portion of them will affect a small business owner in some way, shape or form. You need to be aware of these laws because they could lead to your business being held liable, or even you being held liable personally if the injury is great enough.

Why Small Businesses Love KM&A

Why Clients Love KM&A

Through integration of cutting edge legal technology, KM&A attorneys are always accessible, quick to respond, instantly able to retrieve and share your entire case file, and uniquely able to manage costs.
We fight hard every day for our clients. We analyze businesses for legal regulation compliance, employee contracts, and so much more.
We understand practical concerns as well as legal issues. We work to provide clear and realistic advice instead of confusing our clients with ambiguity and jargon.

Results Matter

Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC “KM&A” is a law firm serving all of Pennsylvania with our principal offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Call KM&A in western Pennsylvania at 412-626-5626 or in eastern Pennsylvania at 215-618-9185. KM&A can be reached by email at

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