Manager Allegedly Sexually Harasses Employee, Threatens To Hit Her, And Chases Her From The Office.


Employee Files Lawsuit against Weekend Directional Services and Former Manager for Hostile Work Environment

Beth worked at Weekend Directional Services as an accountant and pay roll manager, starting in 2016. Beth asserts that within a month of starting, her manager began to make sexual comments to her and asked her out to lunch repeatedly. This inappropriate behavior made Beth uncomfortable. One day, Beth shares that she informed her manager she needed a break to lay down. He allegedly replied, “You can lay down, but you have to be naked.”Beth shares that she informed her manager she needed a break to lay down. He allegedly replied, “You can lay down, but you have to be naked.”

According to Beth, she wasn’t the only woman that suffered from this manager’s sexual advances. Beth claims that she witnessed her manager say, “Can I see your breasts?” to a female supervisor as she bent over. One day, Beth’s manager allegedly began to threaten to hit her after she couldn’t find requested documents. After this incident, Beth says she reported the ongoing harassment to her supervisor.

The harassment only intensified when Beth allegedly received multiple emails from her manager with an excessive amount of threatening language. In fear for her safety, Beth left the office. The following day, both her manager and supervisor called her, asking that she return to work. When Beth returned to work the following day, she shared that her manager yelled at her and raised his hand towards her.

A little over a week later, Beth’s manager requested data from her, which she supplied to the best of her ability. When her manager noticed an error in the data, Beth reports that he slammed his fist against his hand repeatedly as he said to her, “I am going to fucking hit you.” Cheeks wet with tears, Beth asked her manager to calm down. Beth claims her manager screamed at her to leave the office, throwing her belongings across the room, including her half-eaten meal. When Beth didn’t move quickly enough, he allegedly chased her out of the office. Afterwards, Beth filed a police report.

Weekend Directional Services received complaints from Beth about the ongoing harassment, but Beth claims nothing was done. No employee should fear for their physical safety in the workplace. KM&A will not stand for such injustice and fights for employees like Beth.

Full text of this complaint, as filed with the District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, is available at docket no: 2:17-cv-01108-CB

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