Legal Match Review

Legal Match Review – 11/18/2015

I have been using LegalMatch for about 4 months now and I am seeing good results. I have been practicing law for about 3 years and have a glut of clients seeking my help. Even with this success, this service still provides a great additional outlet for prospective clients. They have the opportunity to seek out legal help outside the normal channels of the “good old boys” network of legal practitioners. Specifically, I use LegalMatch for employment law clients and I find that the quality of the leads is very high due to the amount of information they must provide.

The cases I get from LegalMatch span from the small unemployment hearings to major FMLA/FLSA and discrimination cases.  Some of the cases can even be resolved quickly with a demand letter or other pre-litigation assistance. I am pleased at the caliber of clients that are seeking legal help and it shows me that people don’t necessarily want a large firm with attorneys who use secretaries as a firewall. I encourage direct communication with me and LegalMatch facilitates it with ease. Also, I can easily communicate directly to the client’s inbox and phone for fast and efficient legal advice and consultation.

I encourage others to use this service to be able to better help serve people requiring legal help.

Best regards,

Michael L. Kraemer, Esq.