KM&A Files Lawsuit Against Consol Energy


December 11, 2014

Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC “KM&A” has filed a complaint against Consol Energy on behalf of Joseph Culp in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The complaint alleges that the Plaintiff, an African-American male of Mexican descent, was discriminated against by Consol Energy by treating him differently than the other Caucasian managers employed there. The Plaintiff is the only non-Caucasian manager for Consol Energy out of  twenty nine individuals.  It is also alleges that the Plaintiff was forced to work a rigorous overnight shift while furthering his education to advance his career with Consol Energy  while the Caucasian managers were given preferable work schedules when they were also attending school. The complaint further alleged that the Plaintiff was required to make up missed shifts due to schooling that the Caucasian managers were not required to do. Additionally Consol Energy paid for tutoring for Caucasian managers who required it.

The complaint alleges that the defendant has violated Title VII, as the Plaintiff is a member of a protected class under Title VII and the PHRA.

Lead attorney on this case is Christi Wallace. Full text of the complaint, as filed with the court, is available here: Complaint-Culp.  This case is docketed as 14-cv-01597 JFC.

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