Bollman Hat Company Allegedly Tells Older Employee to Give a Younger Employee a Chance When She Doesn’t Complete Her Work, Then Fires Older Employee For a Lesser Infraction.


Employee files Lawsuit against Bollman Hat Company.

Tina is a 47 year old woman, and began working as a Customer Service Representative for Bollman Hat Company around December 1, 2014.

According to Tina, she had gone to both her Customer Service Director and and Customer Service Manager to discuss a co-worker who was not completing her own work, and was also modifying Tina’s. Said co-worker is in her early 20’s, and Tina was allegedly told to “give her a chance” because she “was just young.”

Around September 26, 2016, Tina was contacted by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (“PHRC”) regarding a complaint filed by Dawn Patton. Dawn Patton allegedly worked for Bollman Hat Company, and had a claim for disability-based discrimination against them. According to Tina, Ms. Patton had reached out to her about making a statement related to Ms. Patton’s claims.

Tina alleges she reached out to the VP of Administration the same day to inform him of Ms. Patton’s request of her.  Shortly after, around October 19, 2016, Tina was suspended from employment, pending an investigation into an alleged incident between herself and the above-mentioned, younger co-worker. Tina was alleged to have spoken to her younger co-worker in an unprofessional manner. Tina attests, that she did not speak to her co-worker unprofessionally, but rather, simply requested that she stop modifying Tina’s work.

On or around October 19, 2016, Tina’s employment was terminated. This leads Tina to believe that she was suspended and ultimately terminated due to her age and being asked to comment on a prior employee’s case against Bollman Hat Company. When the younger co-worker did not complete her own work, and modified Tina’s, she faced no disciplinary action. However, Tina is immediately suspended, then subsequently fired for merely asking that her work not be modified.

Full text of this complaint, as filed with District Court of Pennsylvania, is available at docket no: 5:18-cv-04667-JLS

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