Woman Deposits Over 50% of Total Cost for Renovation and Allegedly Discovers Defective and Unfinished Work


Property Owner Files Lawsuit against Pro-Home Renovators for HICPA Violations

Syreeta signed a contract with Pro-Home Renovators on August 3rd for extensive renovations to her property. The contract specified work to be carried out on the bathroom, basement, the HVAC system, and new cement work. The cost was projected to be $46,000, and according to Syreeta, Pro-Home Renovators required that she deposit $20,000. She deposited the funds.

A few days later, the contractor began work on Syreeta’s property. But as August came to a close, Syreeta shared that she was required to submit additional funds. In the space of three days, Syreeta paid Pro-Home Renovators an additional $13,300. But she noticed that the work that had been completed was unsafe and deviated from the original contract. Syreeta expressed her concerns to Pro-Home Renovators about the defective work, but the contractor failed to correct the problems.

Of course, before Syreeta signed the contract, she had reason to believe that Pro-Home Renovators would complete the work in a “good and workman like manner.” But the company failed to uphold their side of the contract. Moreover, the contract also failed to meet standards set out by HICPA, failing to keep the original deposit within 1/3 of the total project cost and failing to identify the amount of insurance coverage.

The work that was completed poses a danger to any property occupants. Since the contractor failed to complete the work well or at all, Syreeta must pay someone else to correct and repair the defective work on her property. The cost will be more than $46,000.

As a client of KM&A, Syreeta is fighting for her rights under the law. No property owner should enter a contract with a home renovator and deal with a breach of contract. KM&A represents men and women like Syreeta who face contractor fraud, breach of contract, and damaged property.


Full text of this complaint, as filed with the Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia County, is available at docket no: 2:17-cv-01067-CRE

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NOTICE: All information contained in this statement comes from the Complaint which has been filed as a public record with the court. As dedicated civil rights attorneys, we strongly believe in the public value of telling our clients’ stories: violators can be held accountable, and other silent victims can feel empowered to stand up for their legal rights. Although we make every attempt to verify our clients’ claims, note that the defendant is expected to oppose our client’s position, and the court has not ruled one way or the other as of the date of this statement.