The Right Pittsburgh Startup Lawyer

startupKM&A was recently invited to visit Colorado and saw firsthand the vibrant tech community of Boulder. The purpose was simple: how can a law firm or a business lawyer help a startup company in its most fragile years? Here is a small portion of what our experience working with startups has taught us.

Not all startups are alike. They have different budgets, sizes, products, services, niches, etc. However, there are several common threads unique to niche startup companies. One very important aspect is that they don’t want a plain vanilla startup lawyer. They don’t want to pay an attorney by the hour, receive boilerplate legal services, and then go their separate ways. KM&A recognizes its unique position to connect and facilitate growth that only starts with entity formation and contract drafting. KM&A takes the next step to help our clients network and synergize together. When we see two companies that could benefit from working together, we connect them. When a client has a unique service, we spotlight it and promote it. If a business has a novel product, we can help them market it.

But that’s not all.

Startups indicated that contacting a lawyer was something that caused them great angst. Just picking up the phone to ask a simple question could cost hundreds of dollars. KM&A avoids hourly billing if at all possible because we don’t want our clients to fear contacting us. To alleviate the pain startups have when contacting an attorney, we usually offer complimentary initial consultations, even to business clients. We regularly answer small questions and provide advice to our long-term clients without any charge at all. For us, this is a matter of principle. Startups asking small legal questions don’t deserve large legal bills. We want to work with your company, help it grow, and give it every advantage to succeed.

Another theme in the startup community is that they wanted a legal advisor who “understands” the vision. The tech-savvy lawyers at KM&A want you to know that we take personal interest in the success of your company and will show it with our dedication. KM&A wants to mirror the culture of the startup community because we know that’s what you really need: a real startup attorney who is a long-term partner in the success of your business.