Are Pittsburgh drivers really some of the worst in the nation?

According to Allstate Insurance, Pennsylvania is home to some of the worst and most dangerous drivers in America based on the frequency of collisions and reported claims.

Allstate Insurance compiles claims statistics for the largest 200 cities in the United States and issues an annual report ranking each city’s driving ability, from best to worst.  The study considers raw collision data and does not factor in all weather hazards, driving terrain, or other conditions that could cause certain cities to fare poorly in the study.  The study does compare population density and precipitation.  However, with Pittsburghers being more than 50% as likely as the average driver to be involved in a collision in any given year, it is hard to blame our accident-prone nature solely on the winter weather, bridges, tunnels, and hills.

See Allstate’s reports and ranking here: Allstate America’s Best Drivers 2014.

The report classifies cities based on population, and ranks all 200 cities in an overall ranking.  The higher the ranking, the “safer” the drivers.  The report contains additional statistical information about frequency of collisions, length of time between collisions, and other metrics that affect whether a city’s drivers are “safe.”  In the overall ranking, Pittsburgh came in at 187th out of 200.  Taking into consideration population, Pittsburgh fared even poorer.  (For those of you who worry about such things, Cleveland blew Pittsburgh out of the water, coming in at 98th overall.  Philadelphia trailed Pittsburgh, coming in at 192nd overall.)

While Allstate only considers its own claim statistics, it insures about 10% of the drivers in Pennsylvania, a sample size large enough to be statistically relevant.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from some of the “worst” drivers in the nation?  The best thing you can do is make sure your car insurance coverage is sufficient to protect you if you cause an accident, and to protect you and your family if you are the victims of an accident.

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