PHRC Lawyers

PHRC Lawyers

PHRC Lawyers

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) works with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) to prevent and fight employment discrimination. Of course, you can go through the PHRC legal process solo; however, working with a PHRC attorney maximizes the chance of favorable results for your situation.

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What Does PHRC Do?

First of all, PHRC fights against discrimination. Meanwhile, an important distinction to keep in mind is that the PHRC does on a Pennsylvania state level what the EEOC does on a federal level. Therefore, filing with the PHRC is not the same as filing with the EEOC.

However, PHRC does target certain areas of society to fight discrimination, including employment, commercial property, housing, education, and public accommodation. In the event of discrimination, you can file a complaint with PHRC, but remember to file before the deadline of 180 days from the alleged incident.

The Structure And Mission Of PHRC

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission breaks into three departments: administrative, legal, and investigative. While the executive director of PHRC overseas operations from Harrisburg, regional directors in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh uphold the mission of the PHRC. Furthermore, PHRC is not affiliated with any party.

In 2014, the PHRC created a three-year strategic plan to reach specific goals of the vision.

Their goals include the following.

  • timely resolution of discrimination complaints
  • relevant training to promote equal opportunity
  • efficient agency operations

The Step-By-Step PHRC Process

Firstly, the process for filing a PHRC complaint is not difficult. However, some aspects of the process can become complicated or frustrating. Keep in mind that this is only a brief explanation of the process.

  • Discrimination occurs (wrongful termination, failure to hire, harassment, failure to promote).
  • File your complaint with the PHRC.
  • The investigative and legal staff of the PHRC review the situation and issue a determination.
  • If the PHRC investigator issues a Finding of Probable Cause, a conciliation meeting will be scheduled within about a month.
  • If the dispute cannot be resolved through the PHRC, you receive a Right to Sue letter, allowing you to file in court.

What Are The Benefits Of A PHRC Lawyer?

  • If you try to settle the case on your own, the Respondent/Employer may not take your case seriously.
  • Experienced employment litigators know how to fight and negotiate the best outcome.
  • An attorney answer your questions so you know what to expect.
  • If the case cannot be resolved through the PHRC (most cannot), an attorney takes your case to state or federal court.

Client Testimonials

Awesome representation. Without which I would have received nothing.
Brad Nelson, employment client

My experience with RMN was such a positive one from beginning to end, and I highly recommend RMN to anyone who needs a winning team on there side.
Mike Mann, employment client
Your expertise has been a blessing. I am grateful for your professional attitude and understanding. It is great to know that such capable people as yourselves have made a successful business out of defending people, and doing so with such honesty and integrity. Thank you for the peace of mind in all this, and ultimately for a completely successful outcome. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in my position.
Bob Barbish, employment client

If you find yourself in the stressful situation of discrimination and you would like legal counsel, contact a PHRC lawyer who will know how to navigate your situation and what your rights are under the law.

Don’t hesitate, talk to a PHRC attorney: (412) 626-5626 or

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