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Union Lawyer

Replacing or supplementing the union representative.

If you are in a union then the Collective Bargaining Agreement may have the union lawyer or counsel represent you in your employment situation. If the union has declined to provide counsel or the union counsel is not properly advocating or performing their role, a KM&A employment lawyer may be able to help you.

Please understand these types of cases are not done on contingency and require a retainer.

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Can I Sue the Union?

Violations generally occur in three capacities:

  1. A union violates the duty of fair representation, such as when it fails to investigate the incident which led to termination.
  2. A union violates the duty of fair representation when it acts in bad faith, such as when it plainly advocates for the termination of the member, fails to produce any witnesses to appear at a grievance hearing, or does not tell the member about the hearing.
  3. A union violates the duty of fair representation when it acts with discriminatory intent.

If you believe that your union has failed to provide you with fair representation, contact one of KM&A’s employment lawyers as soon as possible. We will evaluate your case and guide you toward the most effective course of action.

Please understand union cases are not contingency and require a retainer.

A labor union is a group of employees who band together to negotiate better pay, working conditions, working hours and to solve complaints against employers.

Pennsylvania is predominately an at-will employment state, meaning that most workers are considered employees and not contract workers.

The DOL or the Department of Labor consists of a collection of agencies and programs with the overarching purpose of upholding the health and safety of employees in their place of employment.

If you believe you’ve suffered illegal action from your labor union for any of the above reasons, contact an union attorney now to hear your legal options.

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