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What is a Probate Lawyer?

A probate lawyer, also known as an estate attorney, specializes in handling estate matters. Probate refers to the process of when a will is submitted to test its validity. Once determined to be official, the estate can be distributed according to the will. A probate lawyer provides the important services and skills in the days, weeks, months, and years following the passing of a loved one. 

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4 Ways a Probate Lawyer Helps in Estate Distribution

After an individual dies, the affairs and the estate of the deceased is resolved with only a significant amount of work. A probate lawyer will be able to take care of both the mundane daily work as well as the significant legal issues including different filings, determinations, legal analysis, and conflict management that can often become necessary.

File the Will with Court

The term probate comes from the action of filing the will with the court. During the probate process the court will look into the will of the decedent and determine if it is valid. If there is no will when the individual passed, probate will supervise the distribution of the estate per Pennsylvania law.

Receive Detailed Legal Assistance

The probate lawyer can offer assistance as well. A lawyer can identify and administer the assets, evaluating the estate’s property and satisfying debts and taxes. With a lawyer, you skip the steep learning curve of navigating the estate process alone. 

Respond Well when the Will is Contested

When a will is contested, familial strife can threaten to tear apart the family. A probate lawyer offers a neutral third party, experienced in the concerns and issues that often arise with estate distribution. This keeps the problem from blowing up and often resolves the issues sooner.

Advising and Assisting the Executor

Mountains of conflicting documents and other requirements can quickly overwhelm even the most dedicated executor. To gain relief and legal knowledge, an executor needs the experience of a probate lawyer who can help provide legal insight as well as prevent infighting between family members who are disagreeing on every aspect of the estate. The help of a probate lawyer may not only save the relationships, but could protect the parties against significant legal fees and costs by helping prevent litigation of the matter.

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Fee Schedule Structure

At KM&A we are dedicated to giving you great service at a reasonable price. As such, for our probate lawyer services we follow the widely accepted fee schedule utilized in Pennsylvania that adjusts based on the size and structure of the estate. Contact KM&A for more details on how a KM&A experienced probate lawyer can assist you.

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