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Penn Wynne Unemployment Attorney

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney advocates on behalf of employees and workers who, through one reason or another, have been denied unemployment compensation benefits. Although an employee may have lost eligibility for UC benefits for a legitimate reason, some employers wrongfully terminate or classify an employee with willful misconduct. An unemployment attorney scrutinizes the situation surrounding your loss of job and determines whether or not you could be eligible for unemployment benefits.

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Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

First of all, two common reasons for denial of benefits dominate the application for unemployment compensation. Although in some situations, it’s not impossible for a skillful lawyer to gain UC benefits for a client, it is extremely difficult.

Willful Misconduct

An employee fired due to willful misconduct is not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits because the employee intentionally chose to harm the employer’s business interests. On rare occasions, an unemployment lawyer may be able to prove that the employee’s misconduct did not stem from malicious intent. However, as a general rule, employees labeled with willful misconduct remain ineligible for UC benefits.

Voluntary Quit

An employee loses eligibility for UC benefits when he or she voluntarily quits from his or her job. Of course, if the employee with the help of a good unemployment lawyer can prove that a “necessitous and compelling” reason forced the employee to quit, then the employee may become eligible for UC benefits. And yet, usually, a voluntary quit means no UC benefits for the employee.

Five Reasons To Hire A Penn Wynne Unemployment Attorney

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney examines the factors surrounding your unemployment application, denial, and appeal, determining whether or not you have a case under the law. Since an unemployment lawyer recognizes whether or not your situation will be favorably viewed by the law, a lawyer presents an objective perspective with legal knowledge. And while a lawyer works on your case, you can continue to seek a new job.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney assesses the evidence and facts surrounding your situation whether you were wrongfully fired or forced to quit. Although this is an uphill battle to prove, with the help of an unemployment attorney, it is not impossible. Furthermore, an unemployment attorney knows what legal options are available to you.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney recognizes when employee rights have been violated and knows how to use the law to advocate for your eligibility for UC benefits. Moreover, an unemployment attorney challenges employer retaliation. Since the legal system requires lots of paperwork and legal proof, an attorney leads the way and prepares your case for you.

3. Unemployment benefits were wrongly denied.

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney looks over your employment history and past notable interactions with your employer, judging whether or not the unemployment benefits were wrongly denied. Once the lawyer believes that you were wrongly denied UC benefits, the lawyer represents you in the legal system and strengthens the credibility of your case.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney walks through the hearing system on a routine basis because that’s the job. Therefore, that familiarity lends itself well to your situation ensuring that there are no surprises for your hearing.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Penn Wynne unemployment attorney researches the law and follows current legislative decisions in order to advocate for your case with the most recent knowledge along with time-tested strategies.


If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Penn Wynne unemployment lawyer.

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