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Penn Wynne Labor Attorney

A Penn Wynne labor attorney works with labor unions, employers, and employees during disputes or negotiations. Although only specific industries receive the benefits of a union such as bus drivers or teachers, all groups benefit from the legal insight of a lawyer.

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Why Hire A Penn Wynne Labor Attorney?

When you hire a Penn Wynne labor attorney, you receive the benefits of the lawyer’s reputation, legal knowledge, and professional skill. Moreover, a labor attorney offers the added benefits of an objective perspective along with exceptional negotiation skills. We’ve included reasons to hire a Penn Wynne labor attorney for both employers and employees.

For The Employer: Consult A Penn Wynne Labor Attorney

Since over a hundred labor laws oversee business practices and labor unions, a Penn Wynne labor attorney helps ensure that the company complies with each of those many laws. Regardless of the location of your business, whether on Haverford Avenue or Manoa Road, employers work to avoid liability issues, lawsuits, and employee problems. Therefore, an attorney checks your business and creates a plan for bringing your business into legal compliance.

Consult a Penn Wynne labor attorney if any of the following situations arise because we can show you all your legal options.

For The Employee: Consult A Penn Wynne Labor Attorney

A Penn Wynne labor attorney promises guidance through the legal system and presents legal actions to take for supporting your case. Moreover, with the legal sounding board of a lawyer, you know if your situation holds up in the courtroom. Years of legal knowledge and law practice combine to further help your case as a labor attorney comes alongside of your situation.

Call or email a Penn Wynne labor attorney if you experience any of the following in the workplace.

What is Labor Law?

Before the Industrial Revolution, no labor law existed, but when factory jobs became more prevalent, employees realized a change needed to be made. Due to strikes and other movements, the government created the labor law to provide employee protection in the workplace and through labor unions. Meanwhile, the labor law splits into two separate categories: Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law.

Individual Labor Law

Individual labor law supervises the employee rights of individual workers, whether employed, soon to be employed, or retired. Of course, two types of employee exist: “at-will” employees and contracted employees. An “at-will” employee may leave or be terminated at any time while an employee with a contract is bound to the employer for the time in the contract.

Individual labor law offers these protections and more for employees.

  • Minimum wage and hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Child labor laws

Collective Labor Law

Collective labor law monitors the relationship between employers, labor unions, and employees. Since labor unions create a support network for members, a labor union strives to prevent employers from taking advantage of these members by advocating for better wages and employee care. Moreover, the collective labor law outlines the correct interaction for the following situations.

  • Trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • strikes


If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Penn Wynne labor lawyer because a lawyer offers actionable legal solutions.

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