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Monroeville Unemployment Attorney

A Monroeville unemployment attorney evaluates the facts leading to the denial of unemployment compensation benefits and formulates a response to appeal the decision. Although certain requirements guide the system for benefits, some situations receive an immediate denial unless a good lawyer can prove otherwise. After all, some cases may be mislabeled a willful misconduct or a voluntary quit to release the employer from paying more into the unemployment system.

Consult a lawyer about your circumstances because a lawyer recognizes when a situation may be unlawful.

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Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

The reasons for denial of UC benefits comes down to two specific causes; however, other reasons might cause ineligibility for benefits. While causes for immediate ineligibility remain unbending, a good lawyer sometimes proves that other, uncontrollable circumstances forced certain actions and reverses the original denial. Finally, we’ve included the main reasons for ineligibility for UC benefits.

Willful Misconduct

An employee loses eligibility for UC benefits when terminated for the reason of willful misconduct. Consequently, willful misconduct refers to an employee’s action that harms the mission of the employer. Since the employer labels an employee with willful misconduct, the burden falls to the employer to prove that the employee did, in fact, model behaviors that reflect willful misconduct.

However, with the aid of a good lawyer, an employee may be able to fight an employer’s allegations and receive UC benefits. Despite the difficulty, it is possible. And yet, willful misconduct usually means ineligibility for UC benefits.

Voluntary Quit

An employee becomes ineligible for UC benefits when he or she quits from a job. Moreover, voluntary quit is the action of terminating your position with a company simply because you want to. Therefore, voluntary quit is ineligible for UC benefits.

However, if an employee desires to gain UC benefits, the employee must prove that some “necessitous and compelling” reason forced the voluntary quit. When seeking UC benefits and a reversal of a denial, working with a lawyer improves your chances of gaining benefits especially when it comes to a voluntary quit. After all, as a rule, a voluntary quit is ineligible for UC benefits.

Five Reasons To Hire A Monroeville Unemployment Attorney

A Monroeville unemployment attorney distinguishes whether or not your circumstance offers you a chance to receive UC benefits under the law. While a lawyer constructs legal reasoning for why you should receive benefits, a lawyer also refutes the allegations brought against you by your employer. Meanwhile, as your lawyer advocates on your behalf for benefits, you can focus on life and job seeking.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Monroeville unemployment attorney unearths proof and legal reasoning to support your claim to wrongful termination. Of course, the reversal of a denial promises an uphill battle; however, a good lawyer grips the right laws to support the reversal. After all, these decisions rest on the wording of employment law.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Monroeville unemployment attorney spots illegal employment actions enacted on an employee when an employer wishes to punish the employee for some reason. In some cases, these actions continue even after termination. Moreover, since retaliation for legal action is unlawful, an unemployment lawyer protects your rights from the stance of the law.

3. UC benefits were wrongly denied.

A Monroeville unemployment attorney assesses past interactions between you and your employer since these employment actions often illuminate the reality of your eligibility for benefits. Since gaining UC benefits rests on legal knowledge, a lawyer offers experience and concrete understanding of the law to your case. Moreover, lawyers gain a sixth sense at recognizing unemployment cases that should be receiving benefits.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Monroeville unemployment attorney knows the routines and systems of the unemployment hearing process. Therefore, a lawyer guides you through the system and ensures that your case meets all standards. Finally, the familiarity of your lawyer with the overall system enhances the chances of a favorable outcome for your case.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Monroeville unemployment attorney receives expert status on unemployment and employment law, even as he or she continues to build that knowledge. After all, most cases are decided based on the wording or understanding of a certain law. Since the legal knowledge is essential to a successful outcome, choosing a lawyer with experience and knowledge is imperative.

If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Monroeville unemployment lawyer.

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