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Monroeville Labor Attorney

A Monroeville labor attorney promotes the interaction between labor unions, employers, and employees by ensuring that no one oversteps the law in any way. During negotiations or disputes, a Monroeville labor attorney mediates the conversation and secures the settlement desired by the client. While labor unions represent only specific industries, such as steelworkers or teachers, lawyers champion the rights of any group.

Contact a lawyer because a lawyer understands the possible outcomes and how to gain your best legal option.

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What is Labor Law?

When the Industrial Revolution hit, factory jobs controlled the job market. However, employees spent 14+ hours on the job for barely any pay. Given enough frustration, the workers banded together and held strikes, demanding certain employment rights. In response to these strikes, the government established the Labor Law to regulate the relationship between employers, employees, and labor unions. Meanwhile, Labor Law continues to promote employment rights with Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law.

Individual Labor Law

Individual Labor Law guards rights of employees, whether seeking a job or retiring. Moreover, Individual Labor Law includes employees who are “at will” or by contract. While a contracted employee must fulfill the contract before ending employment, an “at will” employee may quit or be fired at any time. Overall, Individual Labor Law strives to offer protections to employees from labor unions and employers.

Individual labor law offers these protections and more for employees.

  • Minimum wage and hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Child labor laws

Collective Labor Law

Collective Labor Law manages the relationship between employees, employers, and labor unions, ensuring that no rights are violated. Since labor unions prevent violations of employee rights, Collective Labor Law regulates how a labor union handles these situations.  Consequently, the Collective Labor Law monitors how the below situations are handled legally.

  • Trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • strikes

Why Hire A Monroeville Labor Attorney?

A Monroeville labor attorney enhances the chance of a positive outcome for any legal discussion or lawsuit. Since a lawyer contributes legal knowledge, good reputation, and professional skill to the case, your situation sail above any problems that an unrepresented case might experience. After all, a lawyer knows the law and the success of a case comes down to legal knowledge.

For The Employer: Consult A Monroeville Labor Attorney

A Monroeville labor attorney measures your business against the law, ensuring that your business remains in compliance with the law. After all, business are required to comply with over a hundred laws. Meanwhile, employers desire to protect themselves from employee problems, liability issues, and lawsuits. Since a business is under so much pressure, a lawyer creates a plan to prevent future legal issues because of accidental illegal activity.

Speak with a Monroeville labor attorney if your company faces any of the following problems because a lawyer recognizes what legal options are at your disposal.

For The Employee: Consult A Monroeville Labor Attorney

A Monroeville labor attorney leads you through the complex legal system and offers insight to your case. While every group has an agenda for a legal discussion, a lawyer advocates for your goals. Moreover, a lawyer with strong legal understanding and negotiation skills enhances the favorable outcome for your case.

Speak with a Monroeville labor attorney if any of the below employment situations occur because a lawyer knows your legal options.


If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Monroeville labor lawyer because a lawyer offers actionable legal solutions.

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