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Executives and Professionals

Professionals know that reputation precedes you in every relationship, business or otherwise. Your work is your life. And when someone or something keeps you from performing at the best of your ability, it must be fixed. Kraemer, Manes & Associates aims to be your first point of contact for your career, employer, and coworker issues, offering seamless service to solve your problem so you don’t have to. You have more important things to do.

Get right to work by contacting an executive employment lawyer.

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We Handle It So You Don’t Have To

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Hostile Work Environment

Erica, a HNW scientist, filed a complaint against her employer for allowing a hostile work environment to fester in her lab because three subordinate workers routinely mocked her. These workers had no respect for her award-winning career. The case was settled informally.

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Discrimination and Disputes

Nathaniel reached international acclaim for his medical breakthroughs. When he shared his personal journey about being transgender with a popular news source, he felt that his coworkers began to treat him differently. Nathaniel’s employer did nothing to curb the behavior so Nathaniel filed a lawsuit against his employer. The case settled outside of court.

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Employment Contracts And More

Mark, soon to be promoted to CEO of a successful company, received a stack of employment agreements that his company expected him to sign. Rather than accidentally sign away an important right, Mark hired a lawyer to review the contracts.

Why Clients Love KM&A

Why Clients Love KM&A

Through integration of cutting edge legal technology, KM&A attorneys are always accessible, quick to respond, instantly able to retrieve and share your entire case file, and uniquely able to manage costs.
We fight hard every day for our clients. We only accept cases if we are confident enough about them to go to trial if necessary.
We understand practical concerns as well as legal issues. We work to provide clear and realistic advice instead of confusing our clients with ambiguity and jargon.

Results Matter

Professions with Protected Classes

Executives and professionals are susceptible to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. It disrupts workflow, career, and employment relationships. You know better than anyone that a respected reputation comes without a price tag and legal documents should always be reviewed by a lawyer. Although we highlight certain professions below, every executive and professional deals with employment disputes, contracts, and other legal problems.

Kraemer, Manes & Associates is specifically situated to handle your every legal problem and more. Professionals understand the power of delegating to reach every goal. Entrust your employment disputes or legal contracts to with executive employment attorneys who exercise in-depth knowledge of the law and strive to advocate for your rights. The first step to resolve your problem is to consult a lawyer.


Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC “KM&A” is a law firm serving all of Pennsylvania with our principal offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Call KM&A in western Pennsylvania at 412-626-5626 or in eastern Pennsylvania at (215) 618-9185. KM&A can be reached by email at lawyer@lawkm.com.

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