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ADA attorneys uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act by representing employees who feel that their rights have been impeded by an employer because of a disability or by partnering with an employer on bettering their company policies in regards to this law. ADA promises equality for all eligible Americans with a disability.

If you, an employee, have experienced employment discrimination due to a disability or you, an employer, want to improve your ADA practices, call us.

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What Are Common Disabilities Under ADA?

Some of the most common disabilities are back injury, mental impairments, neurological impairments, heart impairments, and hearing impairments. The courts of the USA recognize these disabilities and more. Do I Have A Disability Under The ADA?

Addiction to illegal drugs and alcohol are not considered a disability under ADA. However, the law recognizes recovering from addiction as a disability. Meanwhile, ADA also provides certain parameters for courts and employers to judge whether or not an employee is honestly on the path to recovery or not.

The Americans with Disabilities Act can be more confusing than it’s meant to be when it comes to figuring out if you have a disability according to the law. If you think you might be covered under ADA, contact us so we can help you figure out your rights under this act.


For The Employee: Three Reasons To Hire ADA Attorneys

The vision of the Americans with Disabilities Act focuses on upholding and protecting the rights of every American with a disability. Unfortunately, the broadness of the law causes confusion sometimes when a complaint arises. An ADA attorney knows not only the law but rulings on previous cases that might influence your case. Am I Protected By ADA?

1. You have experienced discrimination for a disability. ADA provides for a number of situations where it is unlawful to discriminate against an individual with a disability. The following areas are some of them.

  • employment
  • public services
  • transportation
  • public accommodation
  • commercial facilities
  • telecommunications

2. Receive step-by-step guidance for your case. An ADA attorney is well-versed in law knowledge and past court cases that will help formulate what you should do next for your situation. Due to the complexity of the law and your circumstances, ADA attorneys can make the difference for your case.

3. You are fighting for reasonable accommodation from your employer. Sometimes despite the law, an employer might fight you on providing accommodations. In these cases, it may prove helpful to have an ADA attorney on hand who will leverage the law on your behalf.

For The Employer: Five Reasons To Hire ADA Attorneys

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides regulations for workplaces. Most businesses recognize the importance in following these standards to the letter; however, sometimes items are missed. Don’t allow that to happen to your company.

1. Your business needs to better its policies according to ADA. Since the law is not always clear cut, an ADA lawyer will be able to advise you on how to protect you and your employees from possible lawsuits. An ADA attorney knows the complexities of the law.

2. Receive advice for compliance consultations and investigations. ADA requires that certain standards be met in a business’s physical structure, including accessible bathrooms and walkways. An ADA lawyer decreases possible areas of lawsuit and solidifies ADA compliance.

3. An ADA lawyer will defend your rights during ADA lawsuits. When your business is sued, being represented by a knowledgeable ADA attorney is a must. He or she will work to settle your case quickly and as favorably as possible.

4. Check new business acquisitions for ADA standards. When a business expands or moves locations, an ADA attorney can help to make sure that the new locations meets ADA standards, decreasing future lawsuits.

5. Manage any crisis and reputation problems. In the event that your business is sued, an ADA lawyer works hard to ensure that the reputation of your company remains intact.


An ADA lawyer makes a difference in your circumstances when you are working with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not only do they stay aware of the act’s regulations but they also keep up with the current rulings on lawsuits brought to court. Be proactive.

If you as an employee have experienced discrimination based on a disability or you as the employer are making your business comply to ADA, contact an ADA lawyer who will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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