KM&A Files Suit Against Corrections Facility For Sexual Harassment & Gender Discrimination

Kulkin v. SCI Mercer Department of Corrections – PDF Complaint Filed 9/26/2014

KM&A Press Release – Kulkin v. SCI Mercer Department of Corrections

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Amanda Kulkin PhotoPITTSBURGH, PA, Sep 26, 2014 – Former Corrections Officer Amanda Kulkin filed a federal discrimination suit on Friday against SCI Mercer, a correctional facility located in Mercer County, alleging egregious sexual harassment and blatant discrimination based on her gender and disability.

Kulkin’s complaint describes how she was frequently degraded by her fellow correctional officers while her supervisors were aware of the harassment and did nothing. Kulkin was subjected to both crass verbal and written comments about her appearance as well as having to experience unwanted physical contact from her male coworkers.

Ms. Kulkin was subject to repeated comments about her breasts, asked if she wanted to see what was in a male employee’s “front middle pocket,” subjected to verbal and written catcalls about her appearance in person and over the radio, mocked for being a female where male guards made a fake report labeled “Hurt Feelings Report” which lists as reasons for filing the report “I am thin skinned,” “I am a wimp,” “I am a crybaby,” and “I have woman/man-like hormones.” Ms. Kulkin also experienced unwanted physical contact such as on one occasion where a male coworker approached her and licked her ear.

This sexual harassment and gender discrimination took a sickening turn when male officers learned about her disabilities caused by a non-work related knee injury. Signs were created and posted around the correctional facility, alerting inmates to the fact that Ms. Kulkin had sustained an injury and may have been physically susceptible to an attack by an inmate. One such sign called Ms. Kulkin a “a festering wound in the tax payer’s side” and another sign with a picture of a tombstone said “On said day began the downfall of Ms. Kulkin and began the demise of her fragile emotional well being.”

Ms. Kulkin’s type of concerns were not taken seriously but were unfortunately highlighted in 2013 when a female corrections officer at a Pennsylvania state prison was choked unconscious and raped for 27 minutes. In a shocking recent court filing, the victim was blamed for her own rape. It’s clear that the Pennsylvania correctional facilities are ignoring serious issues facing women today. The American public does and should have great respect for the hard work and sacrifices given by our correctional officers. It is shocking to hear that a respected corrections officer would be humiliated, and then be told to keep quiet when she requested help. The daily harassment and degradation eventually forced Ms. Kulkin to quit her job. In her legal action against SCI Mercer, she is seeking damages for lost wages, humiliation, and legal fees.

Kulkin is represented by Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC, a Pittsburgh-based law firm focused on representing employees and protecting employee rights. Attorneys on this case are Elizabeth Pollock-Avery, David Manes, and Michael Kraemer.

The case is filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. A digital copy of the filed complaint is available at
For more information about this case, contact Elizabeth Pollock-Avery at (412) 626-5580 or at