Can I collect UC Benefits if I am working part-time?

Many individuals who work part-time wonder if they can file for unemployment compensation benefits and be eligible to receive benefits. The answer depends on certain factors. However, the majority of individual working part-time are still eligible for unemployment benefits.

Most individuals filing for unemployment benefits are unemployed and not working any job. However, in some situations, an individual may become unemployed and then accept part-time work. If an individual works part-time, he/she may be eligible for partial unemployment benefits. An individual may work part-time and earn up to 30% of their weekly benefit amount in each claim week before your part-time earnings affect your weekly unemployment benefit amount. The 30% of your weekly benefit rate is known as your “partial benefit credit.” In other words, if you do not earn more than 30% of your weekly benefit rate, you will receive your full weekly benefit amount.

However, it is important to remember that any amount you earn over the “partial benefit credit” will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount.

How does the “partial benefit credit” work?

Let’s say an individual becomes unemployed and applies for UC benefits, and it is determined that he/she has a weekly benefit rate of $100. With a weekly benefit rate of $100, the partial benefit credit is $30 (30% of $100 = $30). This means that the individual could earn up to $30 in part-time wages and still receive the full $100 in UC benefits for that week.

However, if the individual makes more than $30, the individual’s weekly benefit rate will be reduced dollar to dollar. Using the above example, if the individual earns $31 in part-time wages, the individual will receive only $99 of his/her weekly benefit rate. If the individual earns $32 in part-time wages, the individual will receive only $92 of his/her weekly benefit rate. The more an individual makes at a part-time job, the less he/she will receive in unemployment.

How do you apply for unemployment benefits if you work part-time?

If an individual is working part-time and collecting unemployment benefits, he/she will file for benefits the same way he/she would if he/she were completely unemployed and not working part-time. The only difference is that you must report your gross earnings from your part-time job when filing your bi-weekly claim. The UC Service Center must be aware of how much an individual earns at his/her part-time job.

Make sure to report your part-time earnings to avoid any overpayment of unemployment benefits. As long an the individual does not earn more than 30% of his/her weekly benefit rate, he/she will be allowed to collect the full weekly benefit rate with no reduction.