A$AP Mob Sued for (again) Injuring a Fan While Crowd Surfing

Krystina Clowes attended the Under the Influence tour in 2013, at the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.  Ms. Clowes alleges that during performance of the song “Shabba”, A$AP Mob’s Young Shabba jumped from the stage, and landed on Ms. Clowes.  Ms. Clowes alleges that First Niagara staff sent her to a Pittsburgh hospital via ambulance following the concert.  Ms. Clowes alleges that she has been in considerable pain since the events of August 3, 2013, and at one point was told she had fractured vertebra.   Ms. Clowes, through KM&A’s Martell Harris filed suit in Federal Court.

Attorney Harris can be reached at 412-626-5585 or mh@lawkm.com.


Clowes’ Federal Complaint