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If you have been wrongfully terminated, you need a tough advocate in your corner to fight for you. Our experienced employment law attorneys can help evaluate your situation and give you advice on your legal rights including money that you deserve if you have been wrongfully terminated or if you are facing any other employment issue.  Wrongful termination can include:

  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Fired because of medical leave

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Our employment lawyers handle all kinds of employment-related legal issues. We represent workers when their companies discriminate against them, harass them, and cheat them out of the money they deserve.

Example situations that may require action by an employment lawyer:

  • You have been wrongfully terminated
  • You are sick or hurt and need medical leave
  • You are experiencing sexual harassment or other discrimination
  • You were forced to quit your job
  • You have been denied unemployment
  • You are working more than 40 hours per week and aren’t being paid overtime

Example situations when you should always consult with an attorney:

  • Your employer gives you a proposed severance agreement
  • You are asked to sign a non-compete agreement
  • You think your employer might be violating employment law

Before you sign away your legal rights or wait too long to assert them, contact a lawyer to discuss your options. 

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Client Testimonials

Awesome representation. Without which I would have received nothing.
Brad Nelson, employment client
Your expertise has been a blessing. I am grateful for your professional attitude and understanding. It is great to know that such capable people as yourselves have made a successful business out of defending people, and doing so with such honesty and integrity. Thank you for the peace of mind in all this, and ultimately for a completely successful outcome. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in my position.
Bob Barbish, employment client
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