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If the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) determines that your complaint of discrimination has merit, they issue a Finding of Probable Cause and schedule a Conciliation Meeting. How should you prepare for the conciliation?

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Our employment lawyers represent Complainants in the PHRC all the time. Our firm represents workers when their companies discriminate against them, harass them, and cheat them out of money they deserve.

Overview of the PHRC Process:

  • You experience some form of discrimination (wrongful termination, failure to hire, harassment, failure to promote)
  • You file your Complaint with the PHRC
  • The investigative and legal staff of the PHRC review the situation and issue a determination
  • If the PHRC investigator issues a Finding of Probable Cause, a Conciliation Meeting will be scheduled within about a month
  • The letter will say, “Probable cause exists to credit the Complainant’s allegations” of discrimination

What actually happens at the PHRC Conciliation?

  • The Respondent/Employer may try to settle the case cheaply
  • They typically offer a very low settlement amount and claim they won’t pay any more
  • If you go to the Conciliation without legal counsel, the Respondent/Employer may not take your case seriously
  • Once you agree to a settlement, you cannot go back and ask for more money, even if you deserve a lot more

Before you sign away your legal rights, contact a lawyer to discuss your options. 

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Awesome representation. Without which I would have received nothing.
Brad Nelson, employment client

My experience with RMN was such a positive one from beginning to end, and I highly recommend RMN to anyone who needs a winning team on there side.
Mike Mann, employment client
Your expertise has been a blessing. I am grateful for your professional attitude and understanding. It is great to know that such capable people as yourselves have made a successful business out of defending people, and doing so with such honesty and integrity. Thank you for the peace of mind in all this, and ultimately for a completely successful outcome. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in my position.
Bob Barbish, employment client
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