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Greensburg Unemployment Attorney

A Greensburg unemployment attorney analyzes your situation along with the denial of your unemployment benefits and decides the best plan for your situation. Although some situations result in immediate benefit denial, a good lawyer may be able to reverse the decision. In some cases, an employer mislabels an employee who would otherwise be eligible for UC benefits.

Reach out to a lawyer because a lawyer recognizes when you should be receiving UC benefits.

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Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

Two reasons lead the denial for UC benefits. Of course, other reasons can result in ineligibility for UC benefits. However, these two categories often ensure denial, but a good lawyer may be able to gain you those denied UC benefits.

Willful Misconduct

Employees with the label of willful misconduct become ineligible for unemployment compensation. Willful misconduct means that an employee ignored the interests of the employer and chose to do something in direct conflict with the employer’s goals. The employer receives the responsibility of proving that the employee acted in a way that warrants the label of willful misconduct. However, a good lawyer helps the employee create a defense for any allegations brought be the employer.

Voluntary Quit

Choosing to end your employment with a company results in losing eligibility for UC benefits from your employer. If you want to argue your eligibility for benefits, the responsibility is the employee’s to prove a “necessitous and compelling” reason forced the quit. However, the employee must also show that he or she pursued solutions other than quitting to stay at the job. Although voluntary quit means ineligibility, a good lawyer might be able to prove your eligibility.

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Five Reasons To Hire A Greensburg Unemployment Attorney

Since the weight of an unemployment appeal rests on legal arguments and the interpretation of the law, a Greensburg unemployment attorney contributes professional credibility and legal understanding to your case. Meanwhile, a lawyer knows exactly when to speak up or stay quiet during the appeal. Finally, while your lawyer champions your case, you can be searching for your next job.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Greensburg unemployment attorney evaluates the circumstances surrounding your benefit denial and establishes the best course of action for reversing the decision. For this scenario, the employee must prove that wrongful termination occurred. A lawyer also provides available legal options.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Greensburg unemployment attorney recognizes situations where retaliation is in play. When a past employee seeks UC benefits, some companies will do everything to deter the awarding of benefits. A lawyer spots illegal activities and advocates for your benefits.

3. UC benefits were wrongly denied.

A Greensburg unemployment attorney evaluates your history of employment and relationship with your employer. Within these details, information may reveal the truth of your eligibility for benefits. A good lawyer leverages this information to gain your benefits.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Greensburg unemployment attorney interacts with the hearing system on a routine basis. This familiarity improves the positive outcome of your case. Moreover, since a lawyer guides you, you don’t need to make any guesses about your situation.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Greensburg unemployment attorney understands that the final decision is based on the wording of the law. Therefore, you need a lawyer who supports your evidence with legal knowledge. UC benefits are won through legal knowledge.

If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Greensburg unemployment lawyer.
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