Woman allegedly forced to resign when Supervisor continues to sexually harass her.


Employee Files Lawsuit against Cashtown Inn for Sexual Harassment                 

Emily, a cook at Cashtown Inn, left her job after her complaints about ongoing sexual harassment went unanswered. According to Emily, her supervisor could not seem to keep his hands to himself and constantly touched her “hips and buttocks.” He found every opportunity to press himself up against her and made inappropriate jokes and comments about Emily’s sex life.

Revenge Porn: What Damages Am I Entitled To?This ongoing harassment was unwelcome. Emily asked her supervisor to stop and complained to him repeatedly, requesting that he refrain from touching her and making comments. Her requests only prompted him to make more sexual comments to her.

One evening, the already problematic situation worsened. As Emily prepared to close the kitchen for the night, her supervisor swaggered in under the influence of alcohol. He informed her that he’d just seated a group of people. Thinking he was joking, as he often joked about seating guests near closing time, Emily turned to her co-workers, “Is he joking?”

Her supervisor lost it and stormed at Emily, swearing and screaming at her. Eyes wide, Emily backed away and then tried to diffuse the situation by putting more distance between them. He followed, still ranting and raving at her. Emily’s heart sped up, sending her into a panic attack. Gasping and trying to regain her composure, Emily tried to calm herself. Her supervisor reached out to her, attempting to hug her, and allegedly assured her that he loved her. Not able to stand this abusive treatment without relief, Emily saw no other option than to resign from her position.

No employee deserves to deal with ongoing sexual harassment. The law obligates employers to protect the rights of employees, which Cashtown Inn obviously failed to do. But, of course, Cashtown Inn denies all these claims. KM&A challenges the poor treatment of employees like Emily and demands that employees recover damages they’ve incurred.

Full text of this complaint, as filed with the District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, is available at docket no: 1:17-cv-01260-JEJ

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