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Wexford Unemployment Attorney

A Wexford unemployment attorney understands the frustration of receiving a denial on unemployment compensation benefits and studies your situation to offer the right strategy for the appeal. While particular situations result in UC benefits denial, some of these situations are sometimes still eligible. In fact, mislabeling of employees can occur when an employer wishes to stay under a certain number of former employees receiving UC benefits.

Consequently, receiving a legal and professional opinion on your circumstances from a lawyer could make a big difference in the outcome of your appeal. Contact an attorney because an attorney knows how to build a credible case for your appeal.

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Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

Two primary situations lead the reason for UC benefits denial. Although someone can be ineligible for UC benefits for various reasons, these two categories dominate the label of ineligible. Despite the fact that these reasons are usually cause of ineligibility, a good lawyer may be able to reverse the decision depending on the overall circumstances.

Willful Misconduct

Termination due to willful misconduct confirms the ineligibility for unemployment compensation. Since willful misconduct means that the employee chose to ignore the best interests of the employer, this behavior results in loss of benefits. However, an unemployment lawyer sometimes reverses the decision by proving the employee’s actions were not intentionally meant to hurt the employer. But of course, willful misconduct loses an employee UC benefits.

Voluntary Quit

As a result of voluntarily leaving a job, the employee becomes ineligible for UC benefits. Since the employee left the job, the previous employer receives no obligation to offer unemployment benefits. However, depending on the situation, a good lawyer helps prove that some “necessitous and compelling” reason forced the employee to quit. And yet, in general, voluntary quit results UC benefits ineligibility.

Five Reasons To Hire A Wexford Unemployment Attorney

A Wexford unemployment attorney has the ability to alter the outcome of your unemployment appeal due to legal experience, negotiation skills, and professional credibility. Since some of the appeal requires rebutting the allegations brought against you by your employer, a lawyer knows just what to say to have a positive outcome on your case. Moreover, as your lawyer advocates for you and your unemployment benefits, you can continue to seek new employment.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Wexford unemployment attorney examines the facts on how your employment came to an end, why your benefits were denied, and what legal strategy best fits your case. Although reversing a decision on benefits can be difficult, a lawyer has the legal knowledge to do it. Moreover, a lawyer provides all your legal options.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Wexford unemployment attorney recognizes employee rights violations and fights for justice while demanding UC benefits. Moreover, a lawyer spots sneaky retaliation and calls the employer to account. Since seeking unemployment benefits and fighting employment injustice at the same time is difficult, a lawyer champions your cause for you.

3. UC benefits were wrongly denied.

A Wexford unemployment attorney assesses your employment history and employer relationship because these circumstances will reveal whether or not your suffered wrongful denial. Moreover, if the lawyer discovers a reason that might reverse this decision, you may be able to receive UC benefits.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Wexford unemployment attorney contributes an in-depth knowledge of the legal system to your appeal. While this familiarity aids your situation, a lawyer also advocates the reason you should be receiving UC benefits. After all, a lawyer is your legal champion.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Wexford unemployment attorney specializes in law, works within the law, and follows legislative decisions. Moreover, a lawyer builds a case for your UC benefits by using particular laws to further support the reasoning for eligibility. In the final hearing for UC benefits, the decision comes down to the law.

If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Wexford unemployment lawyer.

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