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Scranton Unemployment Attorney

A Scranton unemployment attorney protects the unemployment rights of employees. Sometimes, employees fail to receive their lawful benefits due to wrongful termination or reasons they can’t control. Undoubtedly, an attorney maximizes your chance of winning unemployment.

Contact us if you think you have a case under law because you’ve been wrongfully terminated or forced to quit your job.

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Five Reasons To Hire A Scranton Unemployment Attorney

A Scranton unemployment lawyer knows the way through the legal maze, capable of guiding you through to the end. Of course, you may understand the law, too; however, having the advocacy of a qualified lawyer handling your situation strengthens your case. With your Scranton unemployment attorney working beside you, expect to see your case move.

1. Wrongfully fired or forced to quit?

A Scranton unemployment attorney analyzes your situation and recognizes whether your case will have a favorable outcome under the law. Illegal action prompts legal pursuit of rights. Meanwhile, you must be able to show that, by law, you should receive unemployment compensation.

2. Has your employer violated your legal rights?

Occasionally, employers retaliate against employees who have filed complaints for one reason or another. In these cases, the retaliation can be added to the original complaint. Meanwhile, a Scranton unemployment lawyer offers next steps for dealing with your employer and regaining your rights under the law.

3. Were your unemployment benefits wrongly denied?

You can pursue your rightful unemployment benefits by filing a complaint. However, be sure to gather the necessary paperwork and evidence to prove you are eligible for unemployment benefits. Of course, if your situation receives a hearing, a lawyer helps to prepare you for optimum results.

4. What can I do to make my claim more credible?

Hiring an unemployment lawyer for your situation adds credibility to your claim. After all, attorneys claim detailed knowledge of the law and choose to represent individuals with viable cases under the law. Throughout the process, your Scranton unemployment attorney prepares you for every step.

5. What about the hearing?

A Scranton unemployment attorney guides you through the hearing, the complaint process, and the preparation for each. Naturally, your lawyer has experience dealing with the complaint process. If you have any questions about your situation, contact us.

How Do I File For Unemployment Compensation?

Although job termination is disheartening, most situations provide unemployment compensation while the former employee searches for a new job. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this working benefit. Filing for unemployment is easy.

  1. Determine your eligibility for PA unemployment compensation.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits online.
  3. Receive your Notice of Determination.
  4. If your benefits are denied, appeal the determination.
  5. You will be given a date for an UC Referee Hearing.
  6. Keep appealing if your benefits are denied.

According to the law, you can continue to appeal the decision of each hearing until your case reaches the Commonwealth Court. The decision of the Commonwealth Court stands. Naturally, strict timelines guide the appeal process. If you miss that time frame, your appeal will not be considered.

If you are planning to file for unemployment compensation or to appeal an unemployment decision, contact a Scranton employment lawyer.

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