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Scranton Labor Attorney

A Scranton labor attorney represents employees, unions, and employers near or in the Electric City on situations including negotiations, disputes, and bargains. Naturally, the labor laws provide specifically for labor unions.

Contact a labor lawyer because he or she can answer the questions you might have pertaining to the law or your employment situation.

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Why Hire A Scranton Labor Attorney?

A Scranton labor attorney practices the law on a daily basis, whether in a negotiation or preparing for a case. He or she will be an expert on your situation and what the law allows. Moreover, your lawyer strategizes how to settle issues favorably on your behalf.

Stay cool during the dispute.

A Scranton labor lawyer objectively supports your situation with fact and law knowledge. While the dispute between the union and employers reach volcanic levels, your attorney stays cool and focused. Naturally, your lawyer maintains control of the dispute and negotiation, moving toward an agreeable outcome.

Retain a knowledgeable advocate.

A lawyer’s job is to know the law. Therefore, finding the right advocate to represent you in your situation is important. Ideally, a good attorney not only provides legal insight but also offers a wealth of experience and professional network to your case.

Represented by a fellow Pennsylvanian.

As born-and-bred or newly local to Pennsylvania, the team at KM&A love this state. We believe in the people who live, love, and work here. That’s why we are here for you. If you have any legal questions, please contact us.

Reasons An Employer Should Consult A Lawyer

With over one hundred federal laws monitoring industries and businesses, employers might struggle to comply with certain laws or requirements. Naturally, state and local governments regulate certain aspects of businesses as well. A lawyer helps to ensure that industries and businesses comply with the law.

Consulting with a Scranton labor attorney frees your business from the law compliance guesswork. Your Scranton labor lawyer outlines the requirements your company must meet to be legal. Moreover, a lawyer can guide you through any of the following situations.

Reasons An Employee Should Consult A Lawyer

Reach out to a Scranton labor attorney because he or she understands the historic labor law strikes in and around the Electric City and how this might play into your situation. Your lawyer answers any questions you might have about labor law, discrimination, and more. Additionally, here are a couple of specific areas that an attorney can guide you through.

Hire KM&A

In all likelihood, with over 70 labor unions in the Scranton area, you or your company interact frequently with union representatives. At KM&A, our goal is to represent you and protect your rights under the labor law. If you believe the labor law has been violated, contact a Scranton labor lawyer who will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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