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Robinson Labor Attorney

A Robinson labor attorney monitors the relationship, specifically negotiations or disputes, between labor unions, employees, and employers. While a lawyer advocates on behalf of any one of these groups, a labor union’s goal is to champion the rights of its members. Labor unions represent certain industries, such as teachers and steel workers.

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What is Labor Law?

The Industrial Revolution not only changed the face of employment for America and the rest of the world, but it also stirred changes in employee rights. Since factory jobs dominated the job market, workers received low pay for long hours of work. In response to the subsequent strikes, the government created the Labor Law to monitor the relationship between employers, employees, and labor unions.

Individual Labor Law

A component of Labor Law, Individual Labor Law protects the individual worker. While some employees are “at-will,” other employees receive work contracts. An “at-will” employee receives the ability to be terminated or to quit at any time while a contracted employee must complete the contract before leaving the job. Employee rights differ depending on what type of employee you are, but Individual Labor Law provides employee rights for all.

Individual labor law offers these protections and more for employees.

  • Minimum wage and hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Child labor laws

Collective Labor Law

Another component of Labor Law is Collective Labor Law, which oversees the interaction between employers, employees, and labor unions. Labor unions focus on the rights of employees while employer value the company and profit. Collective Labor Law regulates the interactions of each group especially in the following scenarios.

  • Trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • strikes

Why Hire A Robinson Labor Attorney?

A Robinson labor attorney defends your rights during a dispute and offers an outside viewpoint on your circumstances. A lawyer adds credibility to your side of the argument due to a professional reputation. Whether you are an employee or an employer, a lawyer provides legal insight and direction.

For The Employer: Consult A Robinson Labor Attorney

A Robinson labor attorney reviews your business and provides steps to ensure that your business remains in compliance with the law. With over a hundred labor laws regulating businesses throughout the United States, employers might struggle to stay up to date on all the laws. A lawyer secures your business by eliminating possible liability issues and future employee problems.

Reach out to a Robinson labor lawyer because a lawyer recognizes how to protect your business if any of the below events occur.

For The Employee: Consult A Robinson Labor Attorney

A Robinson labor attorney assesses the circumstances surrounding your problem and suggests your legal options. A lawyer guides you through the legal system and champions the arguments for your employee rights. Moreover, with the added credibility of a lawyer on your case, you receive further respect from those who dispute your rights.

Contact a Robinson labor attorney if you face any one of the following employment issues because a lawyer perceives the best legal solution for your situation.

If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Robinson labor lawyer because a lawyer offers actionable legal solutions.

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