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Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC “KM&A” is a personal injury law firm with rear-end collision accident lawyers serving all of Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident involving serious personal injury, or you have lost  a loved one from an accident, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Call a KM&A car accident lawyer at 412-626-5626 or email us at

The after-effects of a rear-end collision can leave many victims feeling confused and disoriented. However, the actions you take in the days and weeks immediately following an accident are critical to ensuring you get the compensation you’re entitled to. The attorneys at Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your accident case is handled as efficiently as possible.

I Was the Victim of a Rear-End Collision. What Should I Do Now?

After pulling over to a spot away from traffic, calling 911, and making sure that no one is in need of serious medical attention, it is important to gather as much information as you can regarding the other driver and the scene of the accident. Such information may include:

  • The names and contact information of other parties to the crash, including the driver(s) and any passengers
  • The license plate number of the other vehicle(s)
  • The names and contact information of any witnesses to the crash that would be able to vouch for what happened, such as employees of nearby shops or homeowners if the crash took place in a residential neighborhood
  • The date, place, and time
  • A description of the accident scene and the parties to the accident. What were the weather conditions? What sort of damage was done? Did anyone appear inebriated?
  • Any statements the other driver or passengers make about the accident right after it occurs, such as “I’m not hurt,” “I’m sorry, this was my fault,” or “My kids were distracting me.”

Does it Matter Whose Fault it Was?

The laws governing car accidents differ depending on the state in which the accident happened. Some states follow a “fault” system, under which the injured party can sue the driver at fault for any and all damages they have sustained. Other states follow a “no fault” system, which means an injured party does not need to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault in order to receive compensation. The downside of this system is that victims of a car accident are not allowed to sue the driver at fault for pain and suffering or emotional distress unless certain conditions are met. Pennsylvania is a “choice” state, which means your rights depend on the insurance policy you have. Drivers in Pennsylvania may choose to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which ensures their insurance companies will take care of all medical bills and lost wages up to the insurance limit.

I Have Personal Injury Protection Insurance – What Are My Rights?

Rear-End Collision Accident Lawyer: 412-626-5626

Rear-End Collision Accident Lawyer: 412-626-5626

Your insurance company will cover your medical bills and lost wages up to a certain amount regardless of whose fault the accident was. However, there are a few circumstances in which you can still sue the other driver. All insurance companies, regardless of where the accident occurred, require a showing of fault when it comes to paying for physical damage to your automobile. This means you can still sue the other driver if you want them to compensate you for damage they did to your car. Additionally, you may still be able to sue the at-fault driver if your injuries are severe enough. In Pennsylvania, an injured party can sue the at-fault driver if his or her injuries meet a certain threshold, which oftentimes can be shown by a significant loss of use of a body part, disfigurement, permanent disability, bone fractures, or a long-term disability that will last for over 180 days.

I Do Not Have Personal Injury Protection Insurance – What Are My Rights?

Drivers have a duty to maintain a reasonable speed and a reasonable distance behind the cars in front of them. The person who hit the driver in front of him is usually presumed to be at-fault, meaning the injured party can usually sue that driver for any injuries they sustained as a result of the accident. However, there are certain circumstances in which the driver that rear-ended the car in front of him would not be considered “at fault.” Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to:

    • Multi-car collisions: If the driver who rear-ended you was also hit by a car behind him, he may have been caught in a situation outside of his control, and as such may not be liable to other injured parties.
    • Broken brake lights: If the injured party’s car had faulty brake lights, that driver may not be liable for that person’s injuries.
    • Careless backing out: If the injured party carelessly backed out of a driveway or parking space, the driver of the car that hit the injured party may not be liable for injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

A determination of who was at fault in a rear-end collision requires a careful legal analysis of the facts surrounding your collision. If you are considering a lawsuit, it is important to get in contact with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to determine how to best approach your case.

Do I Need to Involve an Attorney?

Not always. Oftentimes, when a rear-end collision does not result in injuries and there is only minimal damage to any automobiles, people choose to handle the situation without involving attorneys. However, if the collision resulted in more than minor inconveniences, you should seriously consider seeking legal advice. The guidance of an experienced attorney can be especially helpful in cases where:

  • You have suffered medical complications as a result of the collision
  • There were more than two cars involved in the collision
  • Pedestrians or other witnesses were injured as a result of the collision
  • You have needed to take significant time away from work or school to deal with issues related to the collision
  • You do not understand your policy
  • You do not know how to negotiate with your insurance company
  • You would like a better understanding of your rights

If you feel that you could benefit from the consultation of an attorney regarding your rear-end collision, please call Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC at (412) 626-5626. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your case is handled as swiftly and efficiently as possible with as little hassle to you as possible.

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