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Pittsburgh Labor Lawyers

Pittsburgh labor lawyers negotiate disputes and business bargains between unions, employers, and employees. Labor law provides specifically for employment areas with labor unions, such as teachers, steelworkers, and bus drivers.

If you are a part of a union or a company with union workers, do not hesitate to contact us about the labor law.

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Why Hire Pittsburgh Labor Attorneys?

The goal of unions is to protect the rights of their members, which means that negotiations between union representatives and employers can become heated. A Pittsburgh labor lawyer provides a cool outside perspective that can temper the explosiveness of any situation. Your Pittsburgh labor lawyer will do the negotiating for you so you, too, can stay cool.

As Pittsburghers, we know and love the Pittsburgh spirit that threads through every aspect of life in this city. We come from hardy people bent on always rising strong and recreating life in this city. Best of all, we recognize this resilience in our fellow Pittsburghers.

We are here for you. If you have any legal questions, please contact us.

Reasons An Employer Should Consult A Lawyer

With over 100 laws enforced by the federal government, business and companies have a lot of requirements to meet. Furthermore, state and local laws impose more regulations on employers to protect the rights of employees and union members. As a detail-oriented and law-savvy employer, you recognize that Pittsburgh labor lawyers will further confirm your compliance to the law and will catch anything you may have missed. No need to guess. Hiring a Pittsburgh labor lawyer will ensure that your business is legal.

A Pittsburgh labor lawyer can offer legal expertise in the following areas as well.

Reasons An Employee Should Consult A Lawyer

A Pittsburgh labor law attorney specializes in labor law in and around Pittsburgh. With years of study and case experience, your Pittsburgh labor lawyer leverages their knowledge on behalf of your case. The following areas are a few in which a labor lawyer can be helpful.

Hire Pittsburgh

With over 100 labor unions in Pittsburgh, you may interact with union representatives at some point or another, whether you’re an employer or employee. At KM&A, we are proud of the steelworker history of this city and being a part of the city of champions. As part of the rust belt, we are eager to serve those interacting with the labor unions, whether a union member or an employer.

If you have experienced a violation of the labor law, contact a Pittsburgh labor lawyer who will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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