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Philadelphia Disability Attorneys

Philadelphia disability attorneys serve individuals with disabilities who hope to claim disability insurance. When filing for a disability claim, a lawyer creates a plan for gaining your Social Security benefits as well as negotiating for reasonable accommodation from your employer.

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What Does A Philadelphia Disability Attorney Do?

A Philadelphia disability attorney guides you through the legal process of filing a claim for Social Security. Moreover, if your claim is dismissed, a lawyer lays out next steps for pursuing your Social Security benefits through the court. Your disability attorney recognizes what criteria you will need to qualify.

Three Ways Philadelphia Disability Lawyers Can Help You

Gather Medical Records

Your Philadelphia disability lawyer tracks down all pertinent medical information for building your disability case. Naturally, you will need to sign a limited medical release form, allowing your lawyer to contact your doctors and request medical documents. Sometimes your attorney may receive a statement from the doctor supporting your case for disability.

Manage Bad Facts and the Vocational Expert

Most claims for disability are accompanied by facts that might hurt your case. However, your lawyer is adept at using that information to support your case. Also, during the hearing, your disability attorney interacts with the vocational expert, whose main goal is to prove that you can, in fact, hold a job.

Navigate the Hearing Process

The hearing process is a routine activity for your Philadelphia disability attorney. As the date approaches, your disability lawyer prepares you for the schedule of events. Furthermore, he or she formulates effective arguments to present during the hearing on your behalf.

What Is A Work Disability?

Basically, workplace law allows for two categories of disabilities. Remember, however, that disabilities vary so widely that categorizing a disability accurately can be extremely difficult. Despite that fact, two groups of disabilities exist.

Work Disability But Employed

Less serious work disabilities fall under this category, which is created based on two laws. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA) define work disabilities that are employable. With this category, ADA and PHRA strive to protect the working rights of individuals with disabilities.

Work Disability defined by ADA and PHRA.

A work disability is a physical or mental impairment that limits a major daily life activity such as breathing or walking. Also, these laws provide for employees with a history of disability or of being perceived as disabled by their employer.

If this definition of work disability describes your disability, then the law protects you from employment discrimination and encourages your employer to offer reasonable accommodation to you.

Work Disability But Unemployable

The most severe disabilities are encompassed by this category. In the case of this type of disability, an individual is unable to work. Employment is not possible. Naturally, a claim of this severe disability is scrutinized. The Social Security Administration (SSA) investigates every claim, ensuring that those receiving SSA benefits do, in fact, meet SSA standards.

Work Disability defined by SSA.

Work disability is severe physical or mental impairment that results in marked limitations, preventing an individual from gainful employment, and is expected to last long-term, potentially concluding in death. What is a qualifying disability for social security disability purposes?

If your work disability meets this definition, then you may be eligible for SSA benefits.

How Will A Philadelphia Disability Lawyer Prepare Me For The Hearing?

  1. Your disability lawyer outlines the hearing process. You might not know the legal jargon, but your lawyer does. He or she prepares you for every step.
  2. Practice answering questions. During the hearing, you will be questioned specifically. Your disability attorney prepares you for those questions.
  3. To witness or not to witness. In some cases, having a witness present for your situation is not helpful. Your disability lawyer should call the shots on this.
  4. Require more health examinations. Occasionally, another health examination might make your case. Your lawyer knows when this will be helpful to you and the SSA standards.

Philadelphia disability lawyers are here for you. Not only do they love the city of brotherly love, but they respect the individuals who have invested time, money, and work into this city. Work disabilities come in all shapes, patterns, and sizes. Choose to partner with a disability attorney who understands your situation and your disability.

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