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PA unemployment attorneys fight for the unemployment compensation of PA employees who have, for one reason or another, not received their lawful benefits. In some situations, an employee may have been wrongfully terminated or forced to quit for reasons he or she could not control.

An attorney will be able to maximize your chance of a successful case. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated or forced to quit your job, contact us.

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Six Reasons To Hire PA Unemployment Attorneys

When dealing with the law, you want someone on the inside who knows how things work. Even if you do know the law, it’s helpful to have someone to advocate on behalf of your situation. He or she will present your case more objectively. What are disqualifying factors for unemployment compensation?

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

An unemployment lawyer will know how to present your situation because the law is specific in not offering unemployment compensation to those who have quit for a viable reason under the law. You must be able to prove that you should be receiving unemployment compensation.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

In some situations, an employer may retaliate against you for a complaint or you might experience discrimination for your age, race, gender, etc. An unemployment lawyer will know how to navigate the law on your behalf.

3. Unemployment benefits were wrongly denied.

An unemployment attorney will be able to help you arrange your paperwork and file your complaint. He or she will also be able to help you prepare for the hearing of your case. A lawyer can strengthen your case.

4. An unemployment lawyer makes your claim more credible.

A knowledgeable advocate on your side will give you better standing as you work through the complaint process. Moreover, a lawyer will be your buffer during hearings and interactions with your employer.

5. The hearing process is not new to an unemployment attorney.

Although you may have never gone through the complaint process, your lawyer has done it more than a few times. He or she will know what to do for your situation and will guide you.

6. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

In a complaint process, those who will be judging your situation also know the law. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure that your case is presented in a way that other lawyers, who are often deciding these situations, will appreciate.

What Is The Filing Process For Unemployment Compensation?

Termination from a job can be a disheartening situation, but in many cases, you are eligible for unemployment compensation while you search for another job. The process for filing for unemployment is a simple one.

  1. Determine your eligibility for PA unemployment compensation.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits online.
  3. Receive your Notice of Determination.
  4. If your benefits are denied, appeal the determination.
  5. You will be given a date for an UC Referee Hearing.
  6. Keep appealing if your benefits are denied.

To a certain extent, you can continue to appeal the decision of each hearing. After appealing the decision of the UC referee, you will be given a hearing with the Board of Review. In this case, you cannot add additional evidence. If you choose to appeal the decision of the Board of Review, your final appeal is made to the Commonwealth Court.

Keep in mind that there are strict time limits on how much time can pass between appeals. If you do not appeal within that time frame, your appeal will not be seen.


If you are unemployed and trying to file for unemployment compensation, contact an PA employment lawyer who will know how to navigate your case under the law.

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