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Norristown Unemployment Attorney

A Norristown unemployment attorney represents employees, who for one reason or another, lose eligibility for UC benefits. Of course, in some situations, an employee loses eligibility for benefits and no appeal will regain them. However, an employer sometimes mislabels an employee for willful misconduct. No matter your situation, an unemployment lawyer assess the situation and figures out what the best course of action is for your case.

Contact an unemployment attorney because your UC benefits are at stake and you only have a short time to file an appeal.

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Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

An application for unemployment compensation benefits faces denial when an employee ended his or her employment with either of the following two situations. Of course, a skillful lawyer may be able to reverse the denial; however, only certain circumstances provide for even a chance of that option.

Willful Misconduct

As a rule, an accusation of willful misconduct results in the denial of UC benefits. When an employee enters an employment relationship with the employer, the employee promises to uphold the business interests of an employer. However, willful misconduct reflects intentional disruption of those business interests.

While it is the responsibility of the employer to prove that willful misconduct occurred, the employee should come prepared. Although a skillful lawyer may be able to reverse this denial, proving that an employee’s action did not originate from malicious intent offers a difficult legal challenge. Therefore, willful misconduct usually solidifies ineligibility for UC benefits.

Voluntary Quit

Meanwhile, when an employee chooses to leave a job, the employee relinquishes any right to UC benefits. With the help of a smart unemployment lawyer, an employee receives the responsibility of proving that some circumstance forced the voluntary quit and may be able to gain UC benefits by displaying that a “necessitous and compelling” reason occurred. Of course, voluntary quit usually means that an employee loses eligibility for UC benefits.

Five Reasons To Hire A Norristown Unemployment Attorney

A Norristown unemployment attorney defends your situation in the court of law after studying the circumstances surrounding the case and creating a legal plan of action. Meanwhile, a lawyer recognizes what evidence and information will support your case while providing an objective viewpoint. Consequently, while your lawyer works to gain you UC benefits, you can continue to job hunt.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A Norristown unemployment attorney studies the situation and information during an allegation of wrongful termination and decides what legal solutions are available to you. Most situations of these types promise to be uphill battles. But, a lawyer provides the legal knowledge needed to reverse a denial for unemployment compensation.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A Norristown unemployment attorney notices when an employer violates employee rights. In situations where an employer adds retaliation to the already piling complaint against them, a lawyer advocates for your side. Meanwhile, a lawyer handles all the paperwork and documentation for the legal system.

3. Unemployment benefits were wrongly denied.

A Norristown unemployment attorney scrutinizes the relationship between you and your employer because the work history often illuminates legal truths in gaining UC benefits. Moreover, the lawyer’s presence on your appeal adds credibility to your case.

4. The hearing process is routine to an unemployment attorney.

A Norristown unemployment attorney exercises in-depth knowledge and familiarity of the hearing process because the unemployment attorney guides others through the system regularly. Consequently, a lawyer’s confidence in the system improves the favorable outcome of your own fight for UC benefits.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A Norristown unemployment attorney contributes more learning and legal research to an already strong foundation of legal knowledge. Since the legislative rulings influence the outcome of your situation, a lawyer stays aware of these decisions and how they can help your situation.


If you have not received your unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or another reason, contact a Norristown unemployment lawyer.

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