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Norristown Labor Attorney

A Norristown labor attorney monitors the relationships between employers, labor unions, and employees during negotiations, disputes, or settlements. While only certain industries, such as steelworkers or teachers, benefit from a labor union, a lawyer assists and aids any group. After all, a labor attorney lends an outside perspective of the situation and contributes calm legal knowledge.

Contact us because a lawyer provides key observations that can improve the standing of your case in a dispute or negotiation.

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What is Labor Law?

The Industrial Revolution changed the relationship between employee and employer because employees revolted against the long days and small pay. In fact, the government responded to the strikes by establishing the Labor Law to regulate the interaction between employees, labor unions, and employers. Moreover, Labor Law separates into two categories: Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law.

Individual Labor Law

The goal of individual labor law is to provide certain protections to the individual employee in the workplace, whether seeking employment or retiring. Individual labor law also covers “at-will” employees and contracted employees. While an “at-will” employee may quit or be fired at any time, a contracted employee must fulfill the contract before ending employment.

Individual labor law maintains the following protections for employees.

Collective Labor Law

The vision of the collective labor law is to regulate the interaction between labor unions, employers, and employees. Although a labor union grants a support network to members, a labor union causes employers frustration. Therefore, collective labor law ensures that each group maintains certain legal boundaries while communicating.

  • Trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • strikes

Why Hire A Norristown Labor Attorney?

A Norristown labor attorney contributes solid legal understanding, professional skill, and a sterling reputation to your case. Furthermore, a labor attorney presents an objective viewpoint of the circumstances and grants sharp negotiating skills to the betterment of your case. Whether you’re the employer or the employee, a labor attorney improves the chances of a favorable outcome.

For The Employer: Consult A Norristown Labor Attorney

While more than a hundred labor laws prevent businesses and labor unions from taking advantage of each other, a Norristown labor attorney promotes compliance with the law for all parties. Since employers desire to avoid employment issues, a lawyer provides legal assistance in ensuring that liability issues, employee problems, and lawsuits are prevented. Finally, a lawyer extends the opportunity for a legal check-up of your business.

Consult a Norristown labor attorney for your legal options if your business faces any of the following situations.

For The Employee: Consult A Norristown Labor Attorney

A Norristown labor attorney grants you a legal sounding board for any employment situation you may be facing while also providing legal advice for next steps. Meanwhile, the lawyer’s years of studying and practicing the law enhances the chance for a favorable settlement of your situation. Finally, a lawyer guides you through the legal system.

Contact a Norristown labor attorney if you experience any of the following in the workplace.


If your employer or employee has violated the labor law rights, contact a Norristown labor lawyer because a lawyer offers actionable legal solutions.

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