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LGBT attorneys represent individuals who have experienced employment discrimination and other injustices in the workplace such as harassment or bullying. Although there are no specific laws protecting the rights of the LGBT community, some states do provide for this community.

Since this type of discrimination can be subtle and hard to recognize, choose a LGBT lawyer with experience in both employment law and discrimination cases.

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What Regions Of Pennsylvania Protect The LGBT Community From Discrimination?

Certain cities and areas of Pennsylvania have moved to protect the LGBT community by placing certain regulations on workplaces. In Pennsylvania, 12 cities and 34 municipalities allow individuals to sue if they have experienced discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Although not all regions provide for discrimination based on sexual orientation, you can still sue with the aid of a LGBT lawyer.

The following list protects the rights of the LGBT community.

The 12 Cities of Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • Bethlehem
  • Lancaster
  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • State College
  • Easton

The Counties

  • Allegheny County
  • Erie County

The Municipalities

  • Abington Township
  • Cheltenham Borough
  • Conshohocken Borough
  • Doylestown Borough
  • East Norriton Township
  • Easton
  • Haverford Township
  • Jenkintown Borough
  • Lancaster
  • Lansdowne Borough
  • Lower Merion Township
  • New Hope Borough
  • Newtown Borough
  • Pittston
  • Springfield Township
  • State College Borough
  • Susquehanna Township
  • Swarthmore Borough
  • Upper Merion Township
  • West Chester
  • Whitemarsh Township

What Does LGBT Discrimination Look Like?

Although our country is becoming more aware of LGBT discrimination, we still have much do to eradicate this problem. Therefore, it’s important to know what discrimination looks like.

Blatant discrimination

Obvious discrimination is easy to spot. A quick example is if your superior uses a gay slur while firing you. The assumption is that you were fired for being homosexual rather than for any other reason.

Subtle discrimination

Most discrimination falls into this category. A quick example is if you have an excellent employee reputation, but you are routinely passed up for promotion. This can be more offensive when the other colleagues being promoted are less qualified than you.

As you know, LGBT discrimination can be so subtle or ingrained into a work culture that it can be difficult to spot. LGBT discrimination lawyers know the law and through case experience know how to recognize LGBT discrimination.

Contact a LGBT lawyer soon if you suspect subtle discrimination. In fact, a LGBT attorney may be able to help you correct the discriminatory behavior in your workplace while negotiating a settlement for you outside of the court room. However, if these steps do not work, a LGBT lawyer prioritizes you and your case, either furthering negotiations or taking steps to pursue a lawsuit.

What Evidence Is Required By LGBT Attorneys?

Since every case differs, speak to your LGBT lawyer about what evidence is important for your case. Moreover, your lawyer will want to know all relevant information to determine if you have a case by law. However, if you don’t have enough evidence for a case, your LGBT lawyer may be able to negotiate a favorable change in your workplace to diminish discrimination.

The following items can be evidence.

  • emails
  • reviews
  • filed complaints with HR
  • co-workers willing to testify

Your LGBT attorney may also unearth other examples of discrimination as you work together to improve the working environment and stop the discrimination.

What Is The Lawsuit Process For LGBT Discrimination?

The government has created a process to handle all types of employment discrimination. Although it involves a process of paperwork and waiting, this can be a good first step.

1. File your complaint with a government agency.

2. The government agency processes claim and attempts mediation and reconciliation.

3. If step 2 is unsuccessful, you may request a right to sue letter.

4. With a right to sue letter, you can pursue a trial.

The threat of an upcoming trial often causes informal settlement; however, that doesn’t always happen. Consulting an experienced LGBT attorney throughout your legal process can make the outcome much more favorable for you.

Kraemer, Manes & Associates Can Help You

If you have experienced discrimination for your sexual orientation or LGBT status and you live in one of the above listed areas, KM&A can help you. We specialize in multiple areas of employment discrimination including sexual orientation, race, gender, age, and more. We dedicate our time and experience to settling your case favorably. No one should handle discrimination alone.

Call Kraemer, Manes & Associates for a free consultation with an orientation discrimination lawyer or LGBT discrimination attorney.

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