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King of Prussia Unemployment Attorney

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney advocates on the behalf of employees who have not received unemployment compensation for one reason or another. Employees occasionally lose their unemployment compensation due to wrongful termination or reasons outside of their control. Therefore, an unemployment attorney evaluates your situation, examining it under the microscope of law, to determine if you are eligible.

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Five Reasons To Hire A King of Prussia Unemployment Attorney

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney establishes the legal standing of your situation and whether or not you have a course under the law. Although you may be very familiar with the legal system, the objective perspective and representation of a lawyer benefits the overall outcome of your case. Moreover, a lawyer acts as your champion in the fight for your benefits, lightening the load from your shoulders.

1. You were wrongfully fired or forced to quit.

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney scrutinizes the situation surrounding your termination and decides the best option for pursuing your unemployment compensation. Since gaining your unemployment benefits after a termination or a forced quit is difficult, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side dramatically increases the odds in your favor.

2. Your employer has violated your legal rights.

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney recognizes the signs of a violation of employee rights. Meanwhile, if your employer responds to your complaint with retaliation, your lawyer knows what employer conduct is actionable under the law. Since your employer may have violated a number of your rights, an unemployment lawyer helps you to navigate the legal system.

3. Unemployment benefits were wrongly denied.

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney recognizes when your unemployment benefits have been wrongly denied because your employment history fits the law’s requirements. Moreover, your attorney walks the process with you for preparing the right paperwork and filing a complaint. Additionally, the presence of a lawyer strengthens your case during the hearing.

4. The hearing process is well-known to an unemployment attorney.

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney interacts with the hearing process on a routine basis because that’s part of the job description. Therefore, an unemployment lawyer knows how to equip you for each step of the hearing, ensuring that you are prepared for the questions and possible outcomes.

5. An unemployment lawyer knows the law.

A King of Prussia unemployment attorney studies the law and continues to follow the legislative rulings of unemployment hearings because a lawyer understands that knowing the rules will win hearings. Due to study and law knowledge, a lawyer recognizes how to best present your situation at a hearing. Therefore, you and your case benefit from the expertise of an unemployment attorney.

Two Common Reasons for Benefits Denial

An employee loses unemployment benefits usually for one of the following reasons. When an employer terminates an employee and the employee is denied unemployment compensation, the employer must prove in a hearing that willful misconduct occurred. Meanwhile, if an employee quits a job voluntarily, the employee must prove that real and substantial circumstances would compel a reasonable person under those circumstances to act in the same manner.

Furthermore, an employee is not eligible for benefits if the employee’s actions caused harm to the employer’s business. In addition, an employee is not eligible for benefits if the employee quit for no good reason.

What Is The Unemployment Compensation Filing Process?

Once you’ve waded through the frustration of your job termination, filing for unemployment compensation is not difficult. Unemployment compensation provides stability for you and your family while you seek your next work position. In fact, unemployment compensation is not a hand-out but something that you’ve earned throughout your previous employment.

Quick Steps for Applying and Appealing

  1. Determine your eligibility for PA unemployment compensation.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits online.
  3. Receive your Notice of Determination.
  4. If your benefits are denied, appeal the determination.
  5. You will be given a date for an UC Referee Hearing.
  6. Keep appealing if your benefits are denied.

Moreover, you can continue to appeal a decision made at the hearing. In Pennsylvania, the UC referee listens to and makes a decision for your first appeal. Next, your appeal moves to the Board of Review, and if you decide to appeal again, the Commonwealth Court hears your case. At each level of appeal, representation by a good lawyer becomes more crucial to the outcome of your unemployment compensation hearing. Finally, the decision of the Commonwealth Court is final.


If you have been denied unemployment compensation, contact a King of Prussia unemployment lawyer because a lawyers knows how to navigate your case under the law.

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