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Employment Lawyers for High Net Worth Individuals

Employment issues frustrate workers on every level. But the problems can often be resolved with the threat of court action or negotiation. Sometimes for high net worth individuals, the employment offense is not just about discrimination or harassment but damage to reputation. Disputes in employment should be handled by legal counsel that is familiar with employment law and the specific challenges that high net worth individuals face in their jobs. Speak with an employment lawyer today about your employment issue.

Types of Cases that KM&A Solves

What Are My Employee Rights?

Employee Issues

Dealing with difficult employee relationships can create tension within your workplace. An employment lawyer offers effective advice to help resolve the situation before an issue explodes into a bigger problem. Keep the situation confidential while saving time and money on ending the dispute.

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Employer Disputes

Protect your reputation and compensation when you’re facing discrimination at work, constructive dismissal or another dispute with your employer. Expert attorneys know exactly how to gain the advantage and push your situation to the most favorable outcome. KM&A understands the pressures of high net worth employees with significant shares in the business.

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Employment Law

Resolve contentious employment problems with high earning and valued employees with the help of KM&A lawyers. A satisfactory conclusion stems from the deliberate and commercially aware strategy that we implement to solve high value disputes and complex employment legal situations. Be aware of the time sensitivity of most employment problems.

Why Clients Love KM&A

Why Clients Love KM&A

Through integration of cutting edge legal technology, KM&A attorneys are always accessible, quick to respond, instantly able to retrieve and share your entire case file, and uniquely able to manage costs.
We fight hard every day for our clients. We only accept cases if we are confident enough about them to go to trial if necessary.
We understand practical concerns as well as legal issues. We work to provide clear and realistic advice instead of confusing our clients with ambiguity and jargon.

KM&A is a Pennsylvania law firm with offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We focus on employment law for employeesbusiness lawlitigation, and civil issues. KM&A fights for the livelihoods and careers of clients.

KM&A Attorneys are…

Passionate Employment Lawyers

KM&A’s employment lawyers represent people for employment discrimination (age, disability, gender, LGBT, race, religious, reverse), executive and professional exit strategies, FMLA, sexual harassment, military discrimination, unpaid overtime, retaliation, severance agreements, unemployment benefits, unpaid salary or wages, and union issues.

Aggressive Litigators

We represent workers and small businesses in federal, state, and local litigation as well as in administrative proceedings. Our legal teams aggressively pursue our clients’ interests from the first filing in court through settlement or trial. We litigate all types of legal disputes, including complex litigation such as class action lawsuits.

KM&A Advocates For You

High earners and high value employees deal with unique challenges in employment since companies and employees have a more mutually beneficial relationship than other workers and bosses. After all, high value employees help ensure the success of the business. High net worth employees invest time, hard work, and resources into their careers. Therefore, it’s important to protect your reputation and compensation.

KM&A strives to protect the life work of our clients in every employment dispute. We endeavor to use the quality of our team of lawyers in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to serve and represent high net worth clients in employment disputes, wrongful termination, or employment contract negotiation. Confidently make legal decisions with the wisdom and support of the KM&A law firm.

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